Alina Kabaeva's father is the patron of the Moscow Renovators

Head of the construction complex of the capital Marat Khusnullin owes his career to Marat Kabaev - the father of ex-deputy Alina Kabaeva. Now they will be the main actors of the renovation program in Moscow.
Marat Kabaev, the founder of the Association of Muslim Entrepreneurs in Russia and the father of Alina Kabaeva, the head of the National Media Group, and the deputy mayor of Moscow, Marat Khusnullin, was connected by joint work in the construction market in Kazan, and now people from Tatarstan will be the main actors of the renovation program in Moscow . The main executors of the renovation program will be KP UGS and KP UEZ, headed by Damir Gazizov and Albert Souniev, respectively, Rain's interlocutors told in the development circles of the capital. Gazizov and Suniev have already started the construction of houses under the renovation program in Golovinsky district, where the KP of the EEZ is a technical customer, and KP UGS is the developer. Mayor Sergei Sobyanin at the end of January named the first 14 addresses where participants of the program will go, and all of them are built by the KGB of Gazizov. The latter also meets in the jury of the contest of architectural bureaus that will design the renovation zones. The competition will end in March, and only after that, the companies-developers should be officially identified.

With Marat Khusnullin, curator of the Moscow renovation, Gazizov and Suniev met in Kazan, where both were important players in the construction and real estate market. Before moving to Moscow, Khusnullin was headed by the Ministry of Construction of Tatarstan, Gazizov was the head of the capital construction and reconstruction department of Kazan, and Suneff headed one of the largest construction companies in the republic.

Gazizov and Suneiev moved to Moscow almost immediately after Khusnullin was appointed deputy mayor for urban policy in 2010. The interlocutors of the Rain say that Husnullin himself moved because he was supported by Marat Kabaev, a former football player, coach, and then chairman of the International Association of Islamic Business. The daughter of Marat Kabaeva Alina Kabaeva is an Olympic champion, a former State Duma deputy, and now the chairman of the board of directors of the National Media Group of the Kovalchuk brothers. Before moving to Moscow, Marat Kabaev lived and worked in Kazan, where he created from scratch the Association of Muslim entrepreneurs in Russia. At the same time, he headed the state repair and construction company Kemesh-Chishme - it operated under the Ministry of Construction headed by Khusnullin. The telephone numbers of this organization coincide with the numbers of the International Association of Islamic Business, which Kabaev created after he moved to Moscow. But this phone does not answer, and it was not possible to receive Kabaev's comments "Rain". The interlocutors of the Rain note that now Kabaev is an influential public figure, he is part of the president's inner circle.

The executors of the renovation - KP UGS and KP UEZ Gazizova and Sounieva - and earlier actively participated in state programs and construction of concessional housing. In 2013-2015 years. UGS will receive 121 billion rubles. budget money for housing construction, 19.84 billion rubles. for the construction of 82 kindergartens and 19.7 billion rubles. - for 60 schools, according to the address investment program of the Moscow government. Now, according to the "Medusa", the largest project KP UGS - Nekrasovka area, built up 25-storey houses.

Moscow's curators of renovation are not bothered by Gazizov's reputation: according to the Kommersant newspaper, a criminal case was brought against him in 2006 when he (as head of the capital construction management department of Kazan) gave a tender for the reconstruction of the company's stadium that allegedly supplied equipment at inflated prices. After the scandal in 2006, Gazizov was fired, but his guilt could not be proved.