Alisher Usmanov has put up his old yacht for sale

Billionaire Alisher Usmanov put up for sale his 110-foot yacht Dilbar (Project Opal), commissioned in 2008 by the manufacturer of luxury yachts Lürssen.
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This boat took 17th place among the largest yachts in the world. Portal Yacht Harbour said that before selling the boat was renamed - now it is the name of Ona. Sale of the yacht appeared on the websites of brokerage firms on neideksirovanyh pages.

According to the founder of the resource Yacht Harbour Dmitry Semenikhina, renaming Ona before the sale as in the previous case, with the first 66-meter yacht of billionaire (also called Dilbar), as well as a method of publishing advertisements on the websites of brokerage firms, the usual scheme for sale of very large boats.

Interlocutor Forbes noted that although previous Dilbar boat took when running the 17-th place among the largest yachts in the world today, compared to the new 156-meter boat, though it looks smaller, but still remains a large yacht.

On board the 110-meter vessel has a large meeting room, a jacuzzi and a large cabin for the owner with a private balcony. In addition, the impressive height of the first open deck when the yacht is moored in the port, it becomes completely secluded, writes Yacht Harbour.

The sale can be related to the fact that in Nedabut Usmanov received a new 156-meter yacht Dilbar (formerly Omar project). Gross tonnage of vessel is 15,917 tons, making it the leader in terms of all the yachts in the world. Portal Yacht Harbour wrote earlier that Usmanov has overtaken boat yacht Al Said with a tonnage of 15,850 tons and Azzam c 13,136 tons. On September 12, this boat has received a prestigious award in Cannes World Yachts Trophies in the nomination «Yacht of the Year +250» (Yacht 250 ft and above).

Founder itBoat Nikita Gorchakov told Forbes, that the award is very respected in this particular case, the award received deserved. "Steeper boats this year has not been built," - commented on the victory Dilbar Gorchakov. New boat as a businessman is the fourth in the world in length.