Almost 100 million euros have been found on the account of a Chelyabinsk deputy in a foreign bank

It could cost him a career.
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The deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region, the director of one of the largest construction companies "Artel-S" Nikolai Yanov may be deprived of his mandate ahead of schedule. As it became known "URA.RU", including in the media.

The discrepancy was revealed during the verification of declarations. According to the auditors, in the Czechoslovak trading bank, Nikolai Yanov found an account for 65.3 million euros, and his daughter Olga Yanova - 23.9 million euros. If it is confirmed that the deputy has hidden information about incomes and property, he is threatened with withdrawal of the mandate.

The press service of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region does not guarantee information about the accounts of the deputy. "The Law" On Amending the Article ", which is obligatory for publication on the official website. Bank accounts to them does not apply. Data on incomes and property are checked on a mandatory basis for each deputy and members of their family, "- said the head of the press service, Olga Likhacheva.

Nikolay Yanov clarify "URA.RU" that information about foreign accounts is not true. "I am on vacation. There are no accounts either with me or with my wife abroad, "the deputy assured. According to the last declaration of the deputy, last year he worked for 1.9 million rubles, and his wife - 355 million rubles.

Earlier it turned out that several deputies of the district councils of Chelyabinsk can hide information about the world and business: Alexander Vyshegorodtsev, Alexander Ivanov, Maxim Kalinin and Sergei Shumakov.

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