Aman Tuleyev will leave, but later

The Kremlin decided not to conduct an "indicative retirement" of the Kemerovo political long-liver.
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The decision of the Kremlin to leave the governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev from his post, which was made even before the tragedy in the shopping center "Winter Cherry", killed 64 people, remains in force, but his indicative resignation in the near future is not planned. This was told by two sources close to the presidential administration, RBC.

"Now he [Tuleyev] remains in his place," said one of RBC's interlocutors. If we set aside the head of the Kemerovo region in hot pursuit, after the fire, it will look like a decision taken under pressure, another source close to the Kremlin explains. "Putin, as you know, does not like to make personnel decisions under pressure, he is not a supporter of showdowns," - says the source of RBC.

On March 27, the president, during a meeting with relatives of the victims of the fire in the SEC, which occurred in the Kemerovo morgue, answered the question about Tuleyev's resignation: "First of all, this is not done for cameras, for words and against tragedy. And the second - you need to determine exactly who is to blame. And when we do this, and we do it for sure, there will be appropriate solutions. Here the status has nothing to do with when people died, children. "

Putin added that it is not necessary to "appoint" the perpetrators at once, investigators are now working on establishing the truth.

Another reason why Tuleyev's retirement is not planned is that "he has many merits," adds one of RBC's sources. The head of the Kemerovo region has always been considered a successful governor and enjoyed the respect of the president, previously told another close to the Kremlin interlocutor of RBC.

Tuleyev can leave his post near the end of spring, one of the interlocutors close to the Kremlin told RBC. Thus, his departure will not look like an indicative retirement.

Earlier RBC sources told that in the Kremlin they decided to leave Tuleyev at the head of the region before the presidential elections, although he is sick, which allowed maintaining the political and intra-elite balance established in his region and ensuring a high result in the campaign.

In the elections, Putin received 85.57% of the vote in the Kemerovo region, the turnout was 83.35%. After the campaign, the Kemerovo governor will be retired with honor, said one of the interlocutors of RBC.

In early March, the new vice-governor of the Kemerovo region was the general director and co-owner of the Yakutsk coal company Kolmar, Sergei Tsivilev. He will replace Tuleyev as governor, then RBC sources said.

After the fire in the shopping center "Winter Cherry", which resulted in the death of 41 children, Aman Tuleyev did not appear at the site of the tragedy, nor at a rally in Kemerovo on March 27. At a meeting in Kemerovo, the head of the Kuzbass apologized to Vladimir Putin for the tragedy. "Vladimir Vladimirovich, you personally called me. Once again, thank you very much. I beg your pardon personally for what happened on our territory, "he said.