American dancer accused the Bolshoi Theatre of extorting money

Joy Womack claims that after the return of Sergei Filin to the Bolshoi Theatre she was demanded $ 10 thousand for the role in the play.
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The return of Sergei Filin Ballet artistic director of the Bolshoi Theater was marked by a scandal involving an American ballet dancer Joy Womack, who ended her departure from the theater. Withdrawing from the Bolshoi, Womack told "Izvestia", as she was not allowed to act without the protection and demanded $ 10 thousand. For the appearance on the stage in the solo parts that were put on soloist contract. Moreover, the girl was not allowed on stage, even in the corps de ballet, referring to its individual style. Everyone she exposes, deny the charges.

18-year-old Joy Womack from Texas became the first American dancer who offered a contract to study at the Moscow Academy of Choreography. This is due to the meeting with the rector of the Academy Womack Marina Leonova Bolshoi on tour in the United States.

In 2012, she graduated from the Academy Womack. The Bolshoi Theatre soloist since it signed the contract, but the girl began to dance in the corps de ballet of the Bolshoi Theatre. Break on stage was more difficult than expected to a young ballerina. Womack says that management is constantly praised for its success (in particular, Womack won the Grand Prix in Hong Kong), but hinted Mr.the fact that it needs a sponsor or patron.

- I say, well done, Joy, will be back Sergey (Owl - "Izvestia".) And decide what you do next, - says Womack. - And when Sergey came, he said, no, this girl should remain in the corps de ballet. I said Joey, you do not have a sponsor, you must have some kind of sponsor, can someone of you like something to talk about ... that it is now in our theater in a different way is not possible. Must be interested in me. One of the teachers almost cried with me and said that he had never seen a such a talented girl is not allowed to dance. It is advised to go to another troupe not to torture yourself.

Womack says that the attitude to it in the Grand has always been this: oh, it is American, her money, probably is, why it does not pay or why not find yourself a sponsor?

After the first conversation with Womack returned Filin learned and price "commitment."

- I learned that $ 10 thousand I have to pay for a variation to reach the same performance to a party to make, & mdas.h; Womack says. - This amount was voiced by a specific person, but I will not mention his name. Because I really respect him.

Himself Sergei Filin, according to her, did not even want to watch it.

- I'm coming to Sergey this year: you at least look at me once, and you will see that I am capable of much, that I can be produced on the stage - said Womack. - He said, no, you know what I already know everything. I do not care what you studied at the Moscow school, you think itself, you have to be cunning.

Womack also tells of strange manipulation of her salary and participation in the counselor Owl Dilara Timergazin.

- It is as if my affairs was engaged, papers, visa. It's given me a contract last September 17, 2013, to March 14, 2014 198 thous., And 30% of this should be spent on taxes. Then I learned accounting, that I have not done INN, although payroll taxes went, - she says.

In this case we are talking about the last contract with Womack, who was signed by the parties October 15, 2013 (available to "; News ") - to the position of soloist. Under the contract is signed by the new general director of the Bolshoi Theater Vladimir Urine.

For some performances, according to Womack, she did not pay at all.

- There have been cases when a part of the troupe were taken at informal tour, - she said. - For example, I went to Voronezh in March this year. I have not even paid, saying that I may later help in my development as a ballerina. And I was glad to just go on stage.

Dancer said that in the course of these cases was the former deputy Owl Ruslan Pronin.

- Pronin came up with this contract system, - says Womack. - I worked for several months, at first I did not even carry the contract. The contract concluded in hindsight. When I said I did not want to participate in it, he said, come on, Joey, you have a smart.

In conclusion, the Ballerina shared with "Izvestia", that after the firing is not going to find out relations with the former leadership, giving a statement to the police or the court.

- I want to forget it all, like a bad dream, - says Joy InOmak.

According to a ballerina, she recently signed a contract with the theater "Kremlin Ballet".

Sergei Filin comment on the statements of a ballerina could not: how to "News" found out this week, the actor flew back to Germany on the planned treatment of eyes and his phone is off. Wife Maria Filina Prorvich did not answer, and his sister Elena refused to comment on the situation.

- Addresses all issues Sergey - said Elena Filina.

They were also available ex-manager of the ballet company Ruslan Pronin and the current head of the ballet company Galina Stepanenko.

However, according to the choreographer-tutor of the Bolshoi Theater and teacher Womack Marina Kondratieva, the American dancers were objective difficulties with the work at the Bolshoi Theatre.

- It is very well graduated from the Academy, held a contest, and she was taken to the troupe - says Kondratyev. - However, it has still other school and training. So say the tutors, I myself found out the issue. And it is very bad movement remembers, learns them long. And as the great repertoire, then it is difficult to.

Kondratieff noted that Joy Womack dreamed of solo parts, but the practice of the Bolshoi Theatre is that budding artists must go through the corps de ballet. And to take offense at it do not need to: the rules are the same for everyone.