American investigators questioned Russian oligarchs

The team of special prosecutor Robert Mueller on the "Russian case" interrogated at least two Russian oligarchs. This was reported by CNN referring to anonymous sources close to the investigation.
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One businessman was stopped at an airport in New York, where he flew in a private plane, asked a number of questions about possible funding for the election campaign of Donald Trump, and examined his electronic devices. The second oligarch was interrogated at the entrance to the United States, whether his search was conducted - is unknown.

Another Russian businessman, investigators asked to talk with them without an official request.

The names of the oligarchs are not disclosed.

Office of US Attorney General Robert Muller on February 16 published a list of Russians who, in the opinion of the investigation, are implicated in interference in the elections in the United States. The list includes 13 people and organizations.

The US repeatedly accused Russia of interfering in the presidential campaign to help Trump win the election. Under the assumptions of representatives of the US authorities, in July Russian hackers broke into the servers of the National Committee of the Democratic Party, as well as the party committee for the elections to the Congress. There were also suspicions that Russia could try to influence the voting process by hacking the computers. Moscow has consistently refuted all charges. In addition, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the United States is constantly interfering in the elections in Russia.