American sanctions ceased to be ridiculous for Russians

The Russian stock market for the day lost 820 billion rubles of capitalization. Trades in the stock market were closed by the fall of the Mossbirge index by 8.34% and the RTS index by 11.44%.
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Shares of Russian companies traded on Monday, April 9, as the US Finance Ministry imposed sanctions against Russian billionaires and their assets, including Oleg Deripaska's public companies UC Rusal and En + Group. As a result of the close of trading on the stock market, the Mosbirdzhi (former MICEX) index dropped 8.34%, the RTS index - 11.44%. At the same time, during the day, the Mossbirzhi index fell by more than 9%.

Thus, for a day the capitalization of the Russian stock market fell by 820 billion rubles. - from 9.835 trillion rubles. up to 9.015 trillion rubles.

The leaders of the fall were shares of aluminum producer Rusal (-19%), metallurgical company Mechel (-19%) belonging to the son of billionaire Suleiman Kerimov, the gold miner Polyus (-16%), Sberbank (-17%), sanctions of Russian companies, including Rusal, and Norilsk Nickel (- 14.5%), in which Oleg Deripaska owns a share and whose shares are pledged under a loan from Rusal to Sberbank.

The Russian ruble also reacted to the collapse of the stock market. The euro exchange rate on the Moscow stock exchange rose above 75 rubles. and reached 75.35 rubles. (an increase of 5.56%) - this level was overcome by the euro for the first time in a year and a half (since August 3, 2016). By 18:39 Moscow time the euro returned to the level of 74.07 rubles.

The dollar rate during the day rose to 60.56 rubles. According to the data at 18:39 Moscow time, the dollar traded at the level of 60.15 rubles per dollar.

Sale on the stock market and the weakening of the ruble occurred against the backdrop of the introduction by the Ministry of Finance of the United States of new sanctions against Russian businessmen, managers of state companies and officials. Sanctions involve blocking the assets of those who are on the sanctions list, and also prohibit American citizens and companies from engaging in any economic activity with persons on the list. The grounds for imposing sanctions are an attempt by Moscow to undermine Western democracies, the US Treasury explained.