Amway's American army invaded Russia

The American corporation Amway — American way — now earns billions in Russia.
This profit provides hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens who are "the Amway" refers to independent entrepreneurs and well-known researcher of religious sectarianism Alexander Dvorkin - adherents of totalitarian sects, which stands on a par with the "Jehovah's Witnesses", "Aum Shinrikyo", "International Society for Krishna Consciousness," and "Hizb ut-Tahrir." A month ago, "Amway" as a destructive sect has been included in the list of the League of Safe Internet, prepared for Roskomnadzor.

"The pronounced pyramidal structure. internal discipline system. Participants in such schemes almost nothing to win and only lose. A brainwashing techniques are the same as in the sects, "- commented" Izvestia "the inclusion of the company's internet filter is the executive director of STI Denis Davydov.

It is thanks to sophisticated technology brainwashing "Amway" every year fills its ranks with new members from among our fellow citizens. The propaganda machine is working both inside and outside. Brainwashing ordinary members are engaged in the so-called leadry on the so-called seminars, collecting thousands halls. And the formation of a positive image - communication group and iMars "Cohen Group" - the US lobbying structure, founded by former US Secretary of Defense William Cohen.

Established in the 50's of last century, "the Amway" (American Way) has become, as stated on the official website of the company, "the living embodiment of the American dream." For its founders - Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, the business managers from Ada (Michigan), it is really a dream come true: the company's revenue was $ 11.8 billion in 2013, a significant portion of this amount brought Russia -. According to "Vedomosti" , the total sales «Amway» in Russia in the same year amounted to 20.2 billion rubles.

The Russian market, in which «Amway» is present since 2005, now occupies fifth place in terms of turnover. It provides a huge army drilled and trained salespeople, reached at the end of 2014 1,007,075 people. The figure is comparable to the strength of the Armed Forces, except that methodsLearning "new recruits" in the company are far from patriotic.

All business «Amway» is built on the same pattern: it is the principle of quickly mobilized cells of ten people reporting to one leader. Every leader of the group is under the command of the "centurion" are, in turn, are subject to "thousanders". On top of the pyramid are hundred-thousanders, which are called "diamond - diamond crown messengers." However, putting aside the intricate titles, the bottom line is the network structure of the totalitarian sense, with millions of active members, with centers in 15 major cities of Russia and the United States ... controlled.

Leaders of "the Amway" love to talk about what their training seminars awaken in the "spirit of enterprise" people. However, the forums on the Internet are clogged quite other reviews - the active brainwashing using psychologists, NLP and regular special seminars «Amway» suits almost every week. Practiced trips to other cities - on the inter-regional meetings. The company systematically builds a network in Russia St.their training centers, the teaching of which is conducted by the Max Schwarz system having loud but unintelligible title "messenger of the crown with 50 points NOBD". For fast as brainwashing distributed CDs, which recruits are advised to listen to twice a day.

Permanent inflow of «Amway» new solvency and controlled Russian adherents actively promotes communication agency iMars Group, headed by Natalia and Vladimir Evdokimenko Stupikovym. The agency has made no secret of his cooperation with the company, which has won fame of totalitarian sects. "We really appreciate the partnership that we have with Amway team!" - Emphasizes the executive director of Helena Terrible iMARS Group and promises to make every effort to earn the trust of the company.

At first glance, the standard methods used iMARS Group for the promotion of our country clearly unfriendly Corporation - press breakfast, hiking to reporters at the spa, the presentation of new products and social initiatives - in fact, not so harmless.Regular popularization activities in many regions of Russia and the creation of a positive image of «Amway» allows you to draw on the network, even before people doubted, is now believed thanks to the media, that «Amway» - not the dubious organization, and the positive business corporation. In parallel, the company introduced in the official Russian structures: for example, the manager of «Amway» Alexander kökar is deputy chairman of the subcommittee of the RF CCI, and is actively involved in the development of state policy in the sphere of regulation of the market, Richard Stevens, CEO of Amway,. Headed the profile sub-committee of the RF CCI for remote trade and on behalf of the Russian government regulates in this area A director of corporate communications, "the Amway" Anna Soshinskaya from the pages of "Russian newspaper" - the official publication of the Russian government - talks about the development of methods in entrepreneurial thinking Russians. All this provides the influx of new ordinary members, blindly believinging the value of «Amway».

Support «Amway» globally engaged Cohen Group - one of the most influential lobbyist structures, founded by former US Secretary of Defense William Cohen, who, by the way, in 1998, bombed Belgrade. "Only victory on the international markets, the ability to respond to the challenges of globalization, America will make a really successful", - stated on the home page of the company website. An important contribution to the success of America and makes «Amway», for some reason, has received in Russia a carte blanche for his controversial work.

Millions of Russians working in the US, taking in parallel alien values, and do not create for their own country. However, the FSB, the prosecutor's office and other agencies designed to protect the interests of Russia, all these arguments apparently did not seem too important.