Ananievs are engrossed in "Razguliay"

Promsvyazbank owners have found a new niche for fraud.
Chairman of the Board of Directors' Razgulyai "Rustem Mirgalimov could become the owner of the previously owned Agroholdings three sugar factories and the land area of ​​75 thousand. Hectares which are estimated at 3.5 billion rubles. According to media reports, in future, these assets can become part of a joint venture structures and Mr. Mirgalimov brothers Dmitry and Alexey Ananyev.

Recall "Razguliay." - One of the largest Russian agro-holdings, which as of April last year, disposed of 495 thousand hectares of land, owned 12 elevators, 10 sugar factories and other assets across the country. Holding was founded in 1992 by Igor Potapenko, who was his co-chief until 2010. In 2006, he successfully completed the IPO and expansion unfolded on buying land and assets in the regions mainly due to borrowings.

However, in 2009, the company ran into crisis:. Bondholders 15.2 billion at the same time presented them to maturity. "Razguliay" was forced to declare a technical default, but the bankruptcy of his then saved VEB opens credit line group. As a result, the state corporation became Vladdace 20% of the shares "Razgulyai" and practically the only lender group. The amount of debt as of 2015 was as much as 34 billion. Rubles.

Interestingly, by the VEB "Razguliay" oversaw a native of Tatarstan, Director of the Department of Natural Resources Ilgiz Valitov, who was arrested in early March, the day of retirement predpravleniya VEB Vladimir Dmitriev, on charges of fraud with the property GK "Eurodon". After "Razguliay" began receiving financial support of the bank, its largest shareholder (as of May 2015, the proportion was 24.6%) became, as written media, is no stranger to Valitova businessman - the owner of the fund AVG Capital Partners Rustem Mirgalimov, former deputy chairman of "AK BARS" Bank.

In 2010 he was elected chairman of the board of directors. Potapenko also was only a minority shareholder in 2014 was reported in the excited criminal case against him on assignment by the fraud of 20 billion. Rubles. And now Mirgalimov found new partners in the agro-holdings. And, too, with a very dubious reputation ...

Offshore bank?
Brothers Alexey and Dmitry Ananiev, previously equally controls about 88.25% of the shares of PSB, in June 2014 changed the offshore through which they monitor their bank. As a result, control of ZAO "Promsvyaz Capital BV» (Promsvyaz Capital BV), for which the number of these 88.25% shares of the bank, instead of Peters International Investment NV, registered on the island of Curacao (Lesser Antilles, owned by the Netherlands), obtained company Antracite Investment Ltd. and Urgula Platinum Ltd., established in accordance with UK legislation.

The sole owner of Antracite Investment acts Alexey Ananiev, Urgula Platinum belongs to Dmitry Ananyev. As practice shows, the change of the owner of the offshore, usually indicative of a possible withdrawal of the bank's assets. It often happens that the change of legal persons hiding "maneuvers" beneficiary banks for "relocation" of depositors' funds into their own pockets.

Senator banker

As stated by Vice-Speaker of the Federation Council Yevgeny Bushmin, "Ananiev tried to transfer its assets in Russia, but when a large amount is not alwayspossible to do for three months. " Political analysts, familiar with the situation believe that Dmitry Ananiev in fact not going to recover their assets in Russia, and deliberately extended this hearing in order to "elevate" their "escape" from the Federation Council.

Agriculture "scammers"?

In addition to links with lobbyists, "Promsvyazbank" and lit up in a series of raids. Here it is worth remembering scandal associated with the fact that in 2003, began a massive purchase of land shares in the suburban farmers. Purchase of land are always the same. The farm came to respectable men in expensive cars, pulled the suitcase out of the trunk of cash and said to the peasants: "Let us buy you these useless land shares, - they still do not cost anything."

Usually they are bought up 200 of the 1,000 shares of the collective farm, farmers harvested a general meeting at which the decision to increase the authorized capital up to 1 million rubles. It is clear that these farmers had no money. Then the owners of cherished 200 shares paid the entire share capital, extinguished debts on the land cashgu and became the actual owners of the collective farm, because the share of other participants eroded due to the fact that they could not make money in the authorized capital.

And, as a rule, farmers cheated regularly. So, for example, residents of the collective farm "Leninsky Luch" in the Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region in 2003 was offered to 15 thousand dollars per share. But the average market price weave land in the area is 10 thousand dollars, and every farmer owned a share in 78 acres of land, ie, I could get 780 thousand dollars, but received only 15 thousand.

Of course, then it began a major scandal, but in the end it turned out that the land farm "Leninsky Luch" was at the disposal of "Promsvyazbank". Later Ananiev profitably sold "seized" land. So whose interest was to crank out this scam to the ground - not difficult to guess.

"Raids" on MP

Incidentally, this is not the first conflict between masters and Mikheev Ananiev. In 2007, well before the elections to the State Duma, in Volgoprombank, which then belonged to Oleg Mikheev, with the involvement of riot police have been on theyski, and the bank began to experience serious problems. Then the bank was sold to "PSB". The next object, found themselves in the interests of the bank, became the property of the Civil Code "Diamond", which was in the DPM in the pledge.

"Promsvyazbank" and clientele

"To begin with - I am not a customer of the bank! This brother took the bank credit, and left my phone as a contact when he delay, call me - I do not mind, that I was called, even comfortable, as brother can not solve this issue. But the other day I received a call from the person. Prokofiev Svetlana Andreevna, apparently, does not correlate with whom you can talk and in what tone. The essence of the conversation: he says that his brother's delay, the voice of the amount, then demands to me "for recording voice her worth, and place where I will pay," that I just unsettling. Why would she need me this info, I'm not your client, and in a tone I let them speak.

I respectively say it is not going to report to it, but the "Super Svetlana" stops and asks me: "Are you talking about your financesposition of not thinking? "- funny, I can repeat 25 more times, I'm not your client. She then threatens to make my name in the black list of banks for 15 years !!!!! Oh Gods! That miracles, did not take in "PSB" no credit, surety is not going to no one, the nameplate data they are not represented, and Svetlana promises to bring me to the black list of banks on the basis of what ???? I called, made a claim to a single reference line. We called back two days later and said I was - a fool, and the employee has the right to say such things to me, and in such a tone to talk to me. Brilliant. And I could not even answer the question on what basis she talked to me, and what laws are invoked when all I did say that. Do not go there, because if you have a loan and delay, and God forbid call Svetlana and healthy young man, and his parents at the age of, and otherwise on such a call could be from all different result ... ", - stated in the complaint on "Promsvyazbank" user «Enochka_88» from Novosibirsk on July 2, 2015.

By the way, is often the case that customers' Promsvyazbankand "do not return the money at stake, though, in theory, the bank staff should do it. As a result, holders of "Promsvyazbank" cards have accused him of fraud.


"To use the card two years PSB. Firstly, the bank's employees conceal or do not give full information to customers on deposits and transactions. For example, I was told by an employee that there is no difference where to take the money at the box office or ATM. It turned out that at the box office, where I decided to withdraw, they took me to the committee, and I reported about it already when given incomplete amount, and an ATM commissions was not. The second time was filming 10,000 from an ATM on a different map (I decided to close the card, took away all their money). In the context of the contribution it is written that cash withdrawals from an ATM without a commission. When withdrawing cash machine is also nothing about the Commission not informed. A month later, I receive a sms that I must make a monthly payment for the loan !! Credits never in my life took. I went to the bank to understand, and I say: we have different rules, you have to commission 520 rubles. Avoid "Promsvyazbank", if you do not want to feed the people who profitand deception, "- writes user« olelap »Kirov from 1 July 2015.

Such negative reviews - the majority. It now remains only to sympathize with those who have decided to invest in Ananyev bank or take a loan there. However, it seems that even a short time, "Promsvyazbank" will be able to maintain their license.

After all, if the security forces will be able to prove the story of the withdrawal of assets from the PSB, it waits for an immediate withdrawal of the license and closure, and the Ananiev brothers - a criminal case. But the brothers bankers yet feel quite at ease. Life at them - simply "Razguliay"!