Ananyev brothers collection of paintings was found in a warehouse near the Orthodox Church

Investigators of the UK found paintings and financial documents of the Ananyev brothers in a warehouse in the suburbs near the Orthodox Church of Smolensk.
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Employees of the Investigative Committee found more than 200 paintings and financial documents of ex-owners of Promsvyazbank Dmitry and Alexei Ananyev in the warehouse in the urban district of Domodedovo, the bank’s press service said. What specific financial documents were found, the press service did not specify. The paintings were taken out of the Institute of Russian Realistic Art Museum (IRRI), founded by Alexei Ananyev, despite a ban on the Arbitration Court, which seized the brothers' assets due to losses of 282 billion rubles inflicted by Promsvyazbank.

Investigators discovered the canvases of the classics of socialist realism - George Nyssa, Isaac Brodsky, Alexander Deineka and others, whose estimated value exceeds hundreds of millions of rubles. Among the paintings was a portrait of Alexei Ananiev in oil. The paintings were transported to special storage facilities.

The fact that Alexey Ananyev’s paintings were found was first reported by the Mash telegram channel.

The warehouse where art was stored is located at 81 Konstantinovo village in the urban district of Domodedovo, a Forbes source familiar with the situation said. This warehouse is located next to the Smolensk temple. By the telephone number indicated on the Smolensk temple website, it was clarified that the warehouse has nothing to do with the church - this is a separate organization in the building of the former toy factory. “For a week now, representatives of law enforcement agencies have been carrying out some actions, many journalists, but the church is working,” said the rector of the church, Archpriest Alexander Kazachenko, by telephone.

In SPARK at the warehouse address, more than a dozen operating companies are indicated, including LLC Vasco. Its CEO and co-owner Andrei Vasilchenko told Forbes that his company is engaged in real estate management, but refused to answer other questions about Ananyev’s paintings.

On May 30, the Moscow Arbitration Court arrested assets in a claim for damage to Promsvyazbank in the amount of 282 billion rubles. Among the assets were shares in companies, business jets, cars, money in accounts, as well as a collection of paintings from IRRI. After this decision, the museum was informed that the arrested paintings did not belong to him, nor did it belong to businessmen and the museum building was run by the museum and a collection of managers. And Promsvyazbank indicated that the arrested paintings were not in the IRRI.

In December 2017, the Bank of Russia reorganized Promsvyazbank due to a lack of reserves and low-quality capital. The Central Bank then demanded an extra charge of about 200 billion rubles, but the shareholders did not find this money. On the second day after the announcement of the reorganization, the Central Bank said that the bank’s credit files had been stolen and the regulator had to turn to law enforcement agencies. Dmitry Ananyev is now a resident of Cyprus and lives in Limassol, his representative said in court.

In addition to the arbitration, the Ananiev brothers are also accused in a criminal case. They are accused of misappropriation and embezzlement of 66 billion rubles and $ 575 million as part of an organized group, causing property damage through fraud and abuse of trust, as well as the legalization of criminal proceeds. Brothers are put on the international wanted list.

Ananyev’s collection (about 5.3 thousand paintings) is the world's largest collection of paintings in the style of socialist realism, said Promsvyazbank in court. Two months before the introduction of the provisional administration in Promsvyazbank, Alexei Ananyev entered into a marriage contract with his wife Daria after 29 years of marriage. According to the prenuptial agreement, the paintings, as well as several apartments and shares in offshore companies, went into the ownership of Daria Ananyeva. Promsvyazbank suspected this of an attempt to conceal property from creditors Alexei Ananyev. The bank sued, and at the end of October 2019, the prenuptial agreement was declared invalid.