Anatoly Bykov was finally accused of ordering

Ex-deputy and businessman Anatoly Bykov was finally charged with organizing a double murder in 1994. According to the investigation, he was the leader of an organized criminal group and, after an unsuccessful attempt on his life, ordered to eliminate the suspects.
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Investigators charged Krasnoyarsk businessman Anatoly Bykov with the final version, according to the agency's website.

He is charged with organizing the murder of two people (subparagraphs "z", "n", Article 102 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR). In addition, two more criminal cases are being investigated against Bykov - about the leadership of a criminal community (part 1 of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code) and the organization of contract murder (part 3 of Art. 33, item "h" of Part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code) ...

Bykov was detained on May 7 on suspicion of involvement in a 1994 murder. According to the investigation, then the businessman was the head of a criminal group, and with one of its members, Alexander Naumov, he had a conflict. Naumov said that the money obtained between the members of the organized crime group is divided unfairly.

Soon after the conflict, an explosion occurred in front of the car in which Bykov was traveling, and he decided that it was the hands of Naumov and his close friend Kirill Voitenko. As a result, the leader of the group decided to kill them, and ordered Vladimir Tatarenkov, the head of the Sayanogorsk organized crime group, nicknamed Tatarin, to organize this.

It was Tatarinkov who testified in the case. After his release at the end of August, he was re-interrogated as a witness, and Tatarenkov confirmed that he organized the murder of Voitenko and Naumov at Bykov's request.

In the 1990s, Bykov was the owner of the Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Smelter, in 1998-2000 - the chairman of its board of directors.

In 2002, Bykov was sentenced to 6.5 years of probation. He was found guilty of involvement in the assassination attempt on the crime boss Vilor Struganov, nicknamed Pasha Tsvetomuzyka, as well as of the illegal acquisition and storage of firearms. Three years later, the court removed the criminal record from the businessman.

Until 2016, Bykov was a member of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Legislative Assembly. In 2003, he tried to become a State Duma deputy, but his registration was eventually canceled due to problems with documents.