Anatoly Serdyukov started to return the debts and previously sold assets

At the suggestion of the former defense minister, JSC "Federal Research and Testing Center of mechanical engineering" headed by himself began a large-scale campaign on judicial return of debts and  previously sold assets.
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Recently amnestied former Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, now the head of the Moscow Region JSC "Federal Research and Testing Center of mechanical engineering" (FIITS M), launched a massive campaign to repay the debt through the courts and assets. With its supply FTSII M began to actively apply to the arbitration courts with claims to various companies demanding the return of debts and lease land. The new management has decided to revise the previous transaction for the sale of assets FTSII M - the courts have considered claims for recognition as invalid.

Ex-Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, who was accused of negligence in his former workplace, led by a small modal FIITS M in the village of New Life of Chekhov region since last November. Immediately after his appointment, Serdyukov decided to optimize the state of the enterprise, as well as to bring order to the numerous firms tenants, which occupy the area FIITS M.

According to "Izvestia" a source in FIITS M, in March 2014 Serdyukov through his assistants handed personnel FIITS M informationabout the forthcoming reduction of 11 people - almost a third of the remaining 32. Also, there was a task in front now - to reduce staff costs, but at the same time to increase total revenue.

Serdyukov gathers M FIITS its management team. For the post of first deputy director Zahid Gojayeva replaced by former general director of "Voentorg" and Evgenia Vasilyeva, Deputy for the Department of Property Relations of the Ministry of Defense Boris Duchkov. His position is now called the "Advisor to the CEO." Previously, he was mentioned in the "Oboronservis" in connection with the illegal implementation of the landfill Corps of Engineers and the sale of so-called generals lake not far from Nakhabino.

Also, after the appointment of Serdyukov to head FIITS center M firmly took up the establishment of order in the rental issues. Company lawyers have begun to actively sue partners indebted rent and other payments.

So, one of the claims facing the company LLC "New Oil" on the payment delay of 1.2 million rubles for the lease of non-residential premises. The firm occupies three outbuildings IFEC M (at Moscow region, village of New Life, ul. Nati, d. 13). It is the claim of the contracts for the lease of the ground floor hozbloka total area of ​​353 square meters. m, garage (58.12 sq. m) and the area "climate shell" on 673.2 sq. m. In Soviet times, it was the largest and most modern range of environmental test equipment. Here, experienced agricultural and military equipment from Russia and from abroad to the impact of the various (-50 to +50) temperatures. Who housing rents firm, which sells fuel and repairs cars.

May 28, 2014 the Arbitration Court of Moscow region allowed the claim. Another claim of 1.1 million rubles FIITS M filed for "New Oil" March 3, 2014, but it is still under consideration in court.

500 thousand. Rubles FIITS M knocked the company "Auto City", which has tested its wheeled tractor on a special test site and track for traction tests belonging to the state enterprise. "Auto City" fully recognized the debt on the lawsuit filed March 13, 2014, and May 27, 2014, he was completely satisfied.

FIITS M does not give concessions and IUlkim debtors. So, one of the defendants in court were the owners of the repair shop of "Reskol" occupied 129.5 sq. m on one of the floors of the M FIITS that overdue payment of 53 thousand. rubles. March 24, 2014 the Arbitration Court partially satisfied the claim.

In the difficult situation were companies that before the arrival of Anatoly Serdyukov managed to buy from M FIITS land or premises. The new leadership in the face of Serdyukov considered that the transaction took place with violations, and now contesting them.

In May 2014 in the arbitration court entered a claim for termination of the contract of sale between FIITS M and UAB "Kompyuterservis". This company is engaged in tests and maintenance of heavy equipment for the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Defense - is the most profitable company employing former assets FIITS M. Power Company located in your own shop, which stands on land that once belonged to FIITS M. A few years ago, this land was bought from the state with the permission of the Federal Property Agency, and transferred to "Kompyuterservisu" for free use. Now, the Institute intends to return the land.
In February 2014 the same claim was put to the company "Kompleksagro". She was required to return it passed in 1991 the warehouse area of ​​1.5 thousand sq. M. m warehouse store 514 square meters. m., and the area of ​​2.5 thousand sq. m. m. The current deputy Zahid Hajiyev Serdyukov signed the claim on the basis that the items were transferred during the Soviet era branch NATI and FIITS M is the successor of the Soviet organization.

In FIITS M "News" could not comment on the situation surrounding the proceedings against debtors in arbitration courts. Representatives of the respondent companies have also refrained from official comment on its relationship with the state enterprise.

- We do not understand the motivation FIITS M - anonymous told "Izvestia" a representative of the respondent companies. - All this looks like a deliberate strategy to bleed all the tenants and owners to clear out of their own land and industrial areas. Even if the court satisfies the center of actions for recovery of assets, FIITS M will have to return all the money to buyers. However, suchthe company has no money, because it lives only on income from rent and no products does not produce. I am afraid that if the court recognizes the legitimate demands FIITS M, the assets we will be forced to return, but the money did not get back.

Experts believe that FIITS M is a legitimate chance to review the results of previous auctions, as a result of which the center of the property lost.

- The scheme return of assets through arbitration perfectly legal. For example, if it is proved that the state-owned property was originally privatized illegally and it was impossible to sell - told "Izvestia" lawyer Anatoly Verbitsky. - If the transaction is in the court itself or the circumstances of obtaining a certificate of ownership will be deemed illegal, then the business can actually cause serious problems with the return of their money. Then they will have to go to court with claims to the state enterprise.

Federal Research Experimental Engineering Center (FIITS M) was founded in the early 1950s in the Chekhov district of the Moscow region as the test usedScientific basics of Automobile and Tractor Institute (NATI). Since 1954, the center conducted in traction, since 1959 - the certification tests of tractors. In 1970, the test site over 60 hectares was built for the center. In March 2009, he became a member of the state corporation "Russian Technologies". According to SPARC, in 2012, revenues amounted to 25.4 million rubles, net profit - 3.4 million rubles.