Andrei Kalmykov will drag grandchildren to the court

Loukoster Pobeda filed a lawsuit against the border guards at Vnukovo Airport because of flight delays.
The subsidiary of Aeroflot, the low-cost airline Pobeda, appealed to the Moscow Arbitration Court against the employees of the border service at Vnukovo Airport, according to information on the website of the court filing cabinet. “The lawsuit was filed against the Vnukovo border control detachment,” a representative of the airline confirmed to Vedomosti.

The defendants in the lawsuit in the case file indicated the Federal Security Service (FSB, it is responsible for the Border Guard Service) and the Ministry of Finance. The ministry turned out to be among the defendants, because the border service is a government agency, and the state funds manager, that is, the Ministry of Finance, is responsible for its monetary obligations, a source close to the company explained.

The amount of claims "Victory" - 10 740 rubles. The representative of the airline in an interview with Interfax clarified that the lawsuit will be considered in a simplified manner, without calling the parties, since the amount of claims is less than 500,000 rubles.

At the end of December, the low-cost airline complained that it had to delay dozens of flights due to the actions of the border guards at Vnukovo Airport. Border guards did not like the fact that the "Victory" begins to put passengers on buses for boarding the plane before the crew arrives on board, the company said. As the representative of the carrier explained, the boarding of passengers on buses begins at the same time as the crew leaves the terminal for the aircraft, and this is done to comply with the schedule. He warned that the airline considers the actions of the border service illegal and intends to collect all costs associated with delayed flights through the courts. Maria Sharavina, the head of the airport’s press center, told RBC that Vnukovo has no complaints about Pobeda or the airport’s border control squad.

The conflict with the border guards at the "Victory" occurred not only in the "Vnukovo". In mid-January, Pobeda announced that it was stopping international flights from Petersburg Pulkovo from March 31. The company explained this decision by systematic flight delays by airport services. An employee of the airline, in an interview with Vedomosti, explained that the security officers at Pulkovo began to inspect the sealed kitchen compartments of the aircraft (they are sealed up, since the low-cost airline does not feed passengers and does not sell meals on board).

The Vedomosti interlocutor emphasized that the quick departure of the newly arrived ship is an important element of the low-cost model, which allows airplanes to fly as much as possible and offer low-cost tickets due to low costs. The representative of the border service at Pulkovo disagreed with the airline employee. He said that information about unexpected checks that lead to flight delays is not true.