Andrei Kostin deftly displays an office with a minibar for almost a billion rubles

On April 14, Presidential Administration bought an office building in the center of Moscow from VTB for 930 million rubles, the corresponding contract on the government procurement website was the first to discover the OSINT Miracles telegram channel.
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Office area of ​​3634 square meters. m on Burdenko Street purchased for the Accounts Chamber, which is already using this building. According to the government procurement website, the subordinate structure of the president’s affairs in February concluded a lease with the bank for a period from January 15 to April 30, 2020. The amount of the contract amounted to 38 million rubles. Thus, the annual rental of the building would cost about 127 million rubles. The purchase of this office cost the Accounting Chamber a little less than seven and a half years of rent at this price.

For this money, VTB transferred to the Accounts Chamber a fully finished office with furniture, which the bank, according to Rosreestr, has owned since 2007. The list of property, which is included in the rental price, even shows a Luxus shower cubicle worth 54,736 rubles and a Vitrifrigo minibar for 5,284 rubles. The same list of furniture is indicated in the contract for the purchase of an office.

The Accounts Chamber at the time of publication of the material did not respond to a request from Open Media, which was the need right now to acquire a building for almost a billion rubles.

A remarkable coincidence: two weeks before the sale of its building, VTB announced a competition for the construction of the Museum of Modern Art on Khodynskaya Street in Moscow. The amount of the contract is 1 billion rubles. Open Media sent a request to VTB about the reasons for the sale of the building.