Andrei Kostin did not climb the tower

VTB denied information about participation in the negotiations on the construction of the Trump Tower skyscraper in Moscow. Earlier, the former partner of Donald Trump, Felix Sayter, who oversaw the project, claimed that he had enlisted the support of the “chairman” of the state bank.
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“Mr Seiter, who constantly uses the name of VTB to give meaning to his words, was previously tried and cannot be considered a credible source of information. There is absolutely no evidence to support Mr. Seiter’s allegations about VTB. He is just a liar! ”- the VTB press service told Russian Forbes.

The press service stressed that VTB had never conducted any negotiations on the Trump Tower construction project in Moscow. Also, none of the subsidiaries of the VTB Group "have never conducted any business with Trump, his representatives or companies affiliated with him." “We emphasize that we have never interacted and did not do business with Mr. Seiter,” the statement said.

On Thursday, American Forbes published an investigation into the Trump Tower from Putin’s friends. Who was supposed to give $ 500 million to a high-rise building in Moscow and how much Trump could earn, in preparation for which he interviewed an American businessman of Russian origin, Felix Sayter, who oversaw the project to build a tower in Moscow. VTB was also mentioned in the text, Sayter claimed that in October 2015, two weeks before Trump signed a letter of intent to conclude a deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, he enlisted the support of the VTB "chairman" (in American Forbes they said that Speech on the Chairman of the Board or the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of VTB).

American Forbes calls Felix Sayter a man with two convictions and a long-time informant for the FBI. But it was precisely such a person with a “dashing past” that Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen chose as the curator of the transaction, American journalists believe.

This is not the first time that VTB has denied allegations of its possible participation in financing the construction of the Trump Tower in Moscow. In August 2017, The New York Times reported that Seater informed Cohen by e-mail that he had secured the support of the head of the bank, Andrey Kostin, in financing the project. In October of the same year, Kostin, in an interview with this newspaper, called this information "completely false information" and "completely fictional news." In January 2019, Kostin, in an interview with CNN, again denied Seiter’s statements, calling him a liar and a fraud. “I have never heard of this project, never at all,” Kostin stressed then.