Andrei Kostin invested more than 1 billion rubles in his mistress Naila Askerzade

The estate in Zhukovka, VIP-apartment in the center of Moscow and a lot of cars - the total sum of gifts to the mistress of the head of VTB exceeds 1 billion rubles.
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Secular lady Oksana Lavrentieva genuinely hates television presenter of the state channel "Russia" Nail Asker-Zade. Before the leader of the business rating "Polygamists in the elite of Russia", the head of the state bank "VTB" Andrei Kostin made Naila his mistress and a billionaire woman, Oksana lived much richer.

Kostin is officially married to an elderly peer Natalia Gordeeva, which did not stop Lavrenteva from giving birth to his son Yegor. Photos of the boy with the father Vadim Sukhoverkhov, head of the press service of VTB, cleared the Runet for unimaginable money for years.

Andrey Kostin presented his mother Yegor Aston Martin DB9, Mercedes Benz S 500 L 4-MATIC, Mercedes Benz SL500 and 195-meter apartment in the LCD "Kuntsevo". Lavrentieva entered the mansion on Rublyovka, astonishing contracts from the Cosmos-Zoloto jewelry house and the cosmetic brand Egomania, photoshoots in ELLE, L'OFFICIEL, InStyle, Collezioni, Menu Magazine, HELLO, OK, Grazia , shooting in the videos of Dima Bilan, Valeria Meladze, Valeria and Stas Pyekha, roles in the series "Club" and "Margosha". The most valuable gift of Kostin Lavrentieva, which undermined the financial performance of the unprofitable bank VTB, was the company "Rusmoda", where several hundred people were employed at once.

Naila Vagif Kyzy Asker-Zade did not in vain oust Oksana Lavrentieva, her son and several younger mistresses from the life of Andrei Kostin. A mature man began to live with a young Nailya, whom he introduced to his staff as his assistant, in a 327-meter flat on the 2nd Vrazhsky Lane. These apartments belonged to VTB, then the head of the bank re-issued them to his personal foreign offshore company, and then to himself. For intimacy Andrey Kostin immediately paid off with Asker-Zade another VIP-apartment in the center of Moscow, whose area was 228 meters (250 million rubles). Then I designed a 920-meter palace in Zhukovka with a personal estate (620 million rubles), a BMW 650I X-drive, a BMW X5 X-Drive 50I, a BMW 325I and other luxury cars.

At the same time the banker supported parallel novels and had on the content of other women. According to documents of agency "Ruspres", the total cost of purchases, which Costin made for one Naila Asker-Zade, exceeds a billion. The history of donations through off-shores and trustees Kostin awaits thoughtful researchers from the FSB. They can deal with this topic after the dismissal of Naily's friend and the appointment of the more monogamous, younger and more capable Igor Shuvalov as the head of VTB.