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VTB has acquired a controlling stake in Medialogia.
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The company Medialogia, the developer of the same-name system for monitoring and analyzing the media in real time, has come under the control of the VTB Group.

VTB acquired a 63% stake in Medialogia, which is the developer of a media monitoring and analysis system. This is evidenced by data SPARK.

Before the deal, the main owner was the IBS group, owned by Anatoly Karachinsky and Sergey Matsotsky.

First Deputy President and Chairman of the Board of VTB, Yuri Soloviev, in a comment for RBC, explained that this transaction is part of the direct investment business of VTB Group. The investment idea of ​​the deal, he said, is to effectively use opportunities to conduct various marketing research for brands, with a depth of analysis and breadth of reach that is not available in the era of offline media. “Advanced technologies of the company will allow not only to carry out reliable measurements of media metrics, but also significantly increase the efficiency of targeted advertising companies and, accordingly, the return on expenditures on advertising budgets,” he explained to RBC.

Solovyov declined to disclose the commercial terms of the transaction, noting that the group expects the company's operating performance to increase over the next three years. After that, the asset can be potentially interesting to large IT companies and large media holdings, he added.

The representative of the "Medialogy" Nadezhda Zhukovskaya declined to comment.

In July 2018, RBC sources reported that the Kremlin initiated the launch of the Incident Management program developed by Medialogiya LLC to track the response of regional authorities to Russian complaints on social networks. Medialogia confirmed the development of such a system and its delivery to a number of Russian regions.

Medialogia was established in 2003. She is the developer of an automated real-time media monitoring and analysis system. The system automatically processes 500 thousand media messages and 50 million messages in social media per day.