Andrei Melnichenko will lead the Far Eastern Energy Company into the Bermuda Triangle

Well-known businessman Andrei Melnichenko can easily get attractive energy assets in the Primorye Territory.
The Government of the Russian Federation continues to discuss the complex asset swap scheme between PJSC RusHydro and the structures of Andrei Melnichenko. He owns such well-known companies like SUEK and Eurochem. Melnichenko and the company RusGudro have a common business - the Far Eastern Energy Company (DEK), where RusHydro has 52.07%, and offshore Donalink Limited (Cyprus, beneficiary Andrei Melnichenko) 41.84%. Structures Melnichenko promise to reduce its share in the Far Eastern Energy Company. In exchange, Primorskaya TPP and Luchegorsk coal mine will receive it.

SGK intends to buy Krasnoyarskaya GRES-2 from Gazprom Energoholding (GEH). For this object, Andrei Melnichenko is ready to pay up to 4 billion rubles. And if the purchase takes place, but the new share of Siberian Generating Company will increase by 23%. The list of tasty objects Melnichenko is and Reftinskaya TPP in the Sverdlovsk region.

It seems that Mr. Melnichenko chose the right moment: the RusHydro holding is not doing so well - not even; the constant “opponent” Melnichenko - Oleg Deripaska, who is also not averse to grabbing new energy assets, has not yet come out of the quagmire of his own problems. So along the way, you can tweak more Deripaska! So, go ahead. And with songs.

This is the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Offshore miners and hunger strike

This time, the need for the deal is explained by the fact that Mr. Melnichenko can block the scheme for capitalizing the intragroup debt of the Far Eastern Generating Company (DGK) to RusHydro as part of a forward transaction with VTB. Reports about it "Peretok". This transaction was 40.5 billion rubles. It is assumed that the debt will be converted into DHA capital. And then RusHydro will have a large package in the company. And this can dramatically reduce the influence of Mr. Melnichenko on the company through the DEC. This writes the "Competitor".

Businessman Andrei Melnichenko cannot but know that gas TPPs and CHP plants are much cheaper and cleaner than coal ones. But prefers to work with coal power facilities

And in the event of a transaction, SUEK Melnichenko may become the first private owner of general assets in the Far East.

Recall that in April 2017, the blocking package of the Far Eastern Energy Company changed its offshore registration: Melnichenko replaced the nominal owner of 34% of the shares of the energy company. This was reported in detail by the Golden Horn Press.

Thus, the company Donalink Ltd. (Cyprus) withdrew from the authorized capital of PJSC "Far Eastern Energy Company". Previously, the offshore owned 34.02% of PJSC "DEK" voting shares. But since mid-March 2017, the share has become zero.

But the company "Linea Ltd". (Bermuda) got the right to independently manage 34.02% of the voting shares of PJSC "DEK" (before that, "Bermuda" had a complete zero). Linea Ltd. and Donalink Ltd. affiliated with Melnichenko. And these offshore companies have been managing large blocks of shares of both Russian and European companies for several years in a row. Further, Mr. Melnichenko through the company "Linea Ltd." controls OJSC "SUEK" and the group "Eurochem".

In Primorye, Melnichenko also controls the Primorskugol company through the Cyprian company SUEK Ltd. But all is not well in this structure. According to rumors, Primorskugol was going to cut more than 300 miners due to low demand for coal. The situation on the Luchegorsky coal mine is no better: the miners have gone on hunger strikes on mines more than once. The unrest seemed to be extinguished. But for how long?

Today in the Far East, GRES and CHP have a lot of problems: the state of generating and network equipment is eerie, depreciation is 55–85%. But - we pay special attention to this - in the Far East today, mainly coal generation: in the fuel balance - 63% coal. Primorskaya GRES is also working on coal, which Mr. Melnichenko may soon get, as well as the Luchegorsky coal mine. The state district power station and thermal power station can work both on coal, and on gas. But gas, as we know, is much cheaper than coal. And, as is also known, much more environmentally friendly! But priority so far has been given to coal stations. Why is the usually so active governor of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako silent? Doesn't this "inconsistency" prick your eyes? How many billions lose the budget due to the construction of coal power plants and thermal power plants?

But why is the governor of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako silent about the difference between the costs of building gas and coal-fired power stations and thermal power plants?

But in addition to Mr. Kozhemyako, on this whole farm there is also a better-off gentleman, namely, the plenipotentiary in the Far Eastern Federal District, who is also (from 10.08.2018) - Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC RusHydro, Yury Trutnev. Deputy Prime Minister Trutnev does not know about the difference in costs for coal and gas power facilities? What can there be "underwater" currents? It turns out that state interests are going sideways again?

SUEK is the largest coal supplier for the Far Eastern Generating Company (DGK). It turns out that their own mercantile interests have long been put above state? With the environmental feasibility of using gas and cheaper construction of gas TPP and CHP, for some reason, preference is still given to coal.

The former head of Rusgmdro, Evgeny Dod, was apparently in close relationship with Andrei Melnichenko and in the acquisition of RusHydro 2 25% of Krasnoyarskaya HPP OJSC at the Cyprus Offshore Madake Enterprises Company Ltd.This offshore company was affiliated with SUEK. And in return, Melnichenko received a 4.5% stake in RusHydro. And they were re-registered as Melnichenko's offshore companies. had a cheap source of electricity for factories P Rusal’s majority stake allowed him to block interference in financial activities. Over the past few years, Melnichenko repeatedly crossed the road to poor Deripaska. The last brazen incident was reported by the Kompromat website.

But why in our government do not see this coal imbalance in the work of the state district power station and thermal power station, which works only on Mr. Melnichenko’s “wallet”?

Smokeless coal from Melnichenko

Apparently, well understanding the coal problem in the work of the GRES, the structure of Mr. Melnichenko, having conjured bags of coal, suddenly gave the news: SUEK invests more than half a billion rubles in the production of "white" coal - environmentally friendly smokeless fuel. This was reported by the site "Taknoblog".

And in the press there are details that in SUEK several years they conducted various studies in the field of coal chemistry and developed an innovative product - brown coal semi-coke. Lignite semi-coke has a caloric content twice as high as that of other types of fuel. It burns without smoke, does not injure the environment.

Will they start buying? This is a question: a ton of such briquettes is 3 times more expensive than regular coal. He, on average, is at 2,200 rubles per ton. This is reported by "Krasnoyarsk News".

In the near future, SUEK will start the construction of a large industrial complex for the production of smokeless fuel. The capacity of the complex will be 30 thousand tons of finished products per year. Krasnoyarsk is suffocating from coal stations. And in the city very often the regime of "black sky" is announced. The Stringer portal writes about this in detail.

And they are blaming both bosom friends Melnichenko and Deripaska for the "black sky" regime. This is reported by "Scandals".

SUEK, however, has already announced that it plans to "close" a significant part of furnace heating in Krasnoyarsk. To do this, citizens need to use only smokeless fuel. Then, apparently, immediately take up the stove heating in Primorsky Krai?

Primorskaya GRES has a chance to get into the modernization program, but then the new owner will have to seek a special surcharge, since the GRES is in a non-price zone.

Luchegorsky coal mine

Primorskaya GRES has many problems and one of the most serious problems is the supply of coal from other regions. Energy experts explain that "alien" coal is a great harm to the equipment of Primorskaya State District Power Plant. This destruction of the boilers, burned the pipes. Everything else - this slag boilers. In order for the Primorskaya GRES to work normally, only “its own” coal — the “black” gold of the Luchegorsk coal mine is needed. But when the miners go on hunger strike, another coal is being brought.

Add that to all other Luchegorsky coal mine in 2018 worked at a loss. And he received almost 470 million rubles of debt. About this in detail writes the portal "Salt".

And coal in the Luchegorsky coal mine belongs to the lowest calorie (B1), apparently, and therefore when using other coal at Primorskaya GRES, boilers fail ...

But, perhaps, the structures of Andrei Melnichenko, if they receive both the Primorskaya TPP and the Luchegorsk coal mine, will also start to receive smokeless, environmentally friendly fuel in this region?

But, we recall that "white" coal is 3 times more expensive than usual ... And everything has already been said about the difference in the price of coal and gas power plants. It turns out that in essence, Melnichenko's initiatives are preparing a new “mousetrap” for both power engineers and ordinary consumers? And for the Government of the Russian Federation in the first place.