Andrey Kostin again felt the attraction to the bank "Vozrozdeniye"

VTB "renewed interest" in the purchase of Bank Vozrozhdenie, said the head of the state bank Andrei Kostin. The main bidder for the purchase is the Bonum Capital fund, associated with Senator Suleiman Kerimov.
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VTB is considering buying Vozrozhdenie Bank (38th in terms of assets among Russian banks, according to Interfax-CEA), said VTB President and Chairman of the Board Andrei Kostin at the annual meeting of shareholders, TASS reported.

"Yes, we have renewed interest in the bank" Revival ". Now we are working on the question. Until June 1, the Central Bank will give an answer that at a certain price it makes sense to consider the possibility of buying this bank as a giver of synergy or actively working in the Moscow region, "Kostin said. In addition to Vozrozhdenie, VTB may be interested in small regional banks, he added.

"Revival" until December 2017 owned by the former major shareholders of Promsvyazbank brothers Alexei and Dmitry Ananyev. After the Central Bank began the reorganization of Promsvyazbank, the brothers divided the business - bank assets to Dmitry. In accordance with the legislation, the Central Bank sent him a directive - as the former head of the reorganized bank (PSB), he had to reduce the share in Renaissance below 10% (at that time 52.7% of shares belonged to the structure of Ananyev Promsvyaz Capital B.V.). After the Central Bank's instructions, the shareholding structure of Vozrozhdenie changed - 52.7% of the bank was divided between six Cypriot companies. However, in March the Central Bank sent an order again - according to the regulator, all six Cypriot offshore companies that own a controlling stake in Vozrozhdenie are included in the group of structures connected with Ananyev. The Bank of Russia gave him a term to reduce the stake in the "Renaissance" until June 4. Dmitry Ananyev himself went abroad after the sanation of Promsvyazbank.

In January 2018, Costin said that VTB would consider the possibility of acquiring the "Renaissance". "Our retail managers say that there may be interest. But we do not really imagine the situation in the "Renaissance", we never looked at this bank, did not analyze it, "he explained. At the end of March, the head of the Renaissance, Mark Nakhmanovich, spoke about the interest in buying from banks with state participation, but Kostin then said that VTB was not interested in acquiring Vozrozhdenie.

The main contender for the purchase of the bank is the Bonum Capital fund, which is associated with Senator Suleiman Kerimov. The fund is headed by Murat Aliyev, who until 2013 headed the department of treasury and trade operations of Kerimov's Nafta-Moscow group. In early March, the Board of Directors of Vozrozhdenie included five representatives of Bonum Capital, and Aliev headed the board.