Another Putin's friend found in Russia

Ilya Traber, a former submarine officer and the gangster king of Petersburg in the 90s, now owns a business worth at least $1.5 billion. Probably because he's another friend of Vladimir Putin.
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"Another friend of Putin, Ilya Traber, born in 1950 in Omsk, is represented by the French services as a member of the" Tambov group ", which controlled the activities of the port of St. Petersburg" - so the French press retells the dossier of the local special services to Traber. A friend of Putin and the criminal authority of Moreman is recognized not only by French, but also by Spanish law enforcement agencies who have been searching for him for several years. Traber - the only living criminal authorities, an acquaintance with which recognized Vladimir Putin.

"Dmitry Skigin and Ilya Traber once worked in St. Petersburg on the project for the construction of an oil terminal, and therefore they addressed the leadership of the St. Petersburg mayor on various issues," said Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Vladimir Putin, newspaper in 2011.

Ilya Traber is a former submarine officer. He served on the submarine K-22- "Krasnogvardeets", was the secretary of the Komsomol committee of the ship. In the dashing 1990s, the former officer and son of a party functionary turned into the so-called king of gangster Petersburg. Only the nickname reminded me of the submarine - Ilya Ilyich was called Moreman. After retiring from the fleet at the turn of the 80's, Traber Sr. made a dizzying career in the shadow sector. A trader of antiquity, a barman in a criminal pub, in the early nineties already recognized authority settled here - in an antiques store on Nevsky, directly opposite the fiefdom of the Leningrad frontiersmen, the famous "Galera". This store, on the basis of which Traber later created a whole network of old trade, and now recorded on the companion of Moreman. To this nickname now added another - Antiquarian.
"Traber was one of the first people who managed to make antique business exactly business. It was Traber who opened the window, which allowed to export antiques. When not a golden dish was taken out on the belly, and when it was possible to take it all calmly through the holes in the border, which broke through like this way. They made their way through the possibility of influencing the authorities, "says Dmitry Zapolsky, a native Leningrader who worked as a journalist in the 80s and 90s. In the 90 years he was the chief editor of the "Russian video". "I was at home with Anatoly Aleksandrovich Sobchak when he was alive. I saw his fascination with antiques. It's a well-known fact that Narusova was a regular at Traber's shop and that she was his constant client. "

"Moreman was perhaps the only reseller in the city, whose stolen antiques disappeared, as in a" black hole "Only rumors of some vague went: they say, there are two channels for Vitaly, and both are steeper nowhere. One goods per cordon leaves, and on another - in the apartments of big bosses, not only in St. Petersburg, but also in Moscow. " This is a quote from the journalist Andrei Konstantinov, popular in the 1990s, "Gangster Petersburg". Now the author says that there were no specific prototypes for the heroes, but the coincidences are sometimes literal. The authority of Vitaliy V. Amber is practically written off from Ilya Ilyich Traber. Traber's acquaintance tells that Antikvar was very angry with Konstantinov for attention to his person.
"I had a conflict story with Traber ... He did not like what I wrote ... He even tried to organize such a provocation against me as a bribe, but he sent money by mail, to the surname Konstantinov. A Konstantinov - a pseudonym, he was not aware that I have another name, "- says the author of" Banditsky Petersburg ".

According to the information of "Rain", Ilya Traber has been running business for 20 years from his fortress office, a mansion on Starorusskaya Street. The friendly inscription "Peace to the incoming" is on the doors. Dashing 90's far behind, but his empire expanded and legalized.

Since the 90s, one of the most important assets of Traber and the team was the St. Petersburg Sea Port. In it, Putin's KGB co-worker Viktor Korytov worked. At the same time, the port was also managed by Gazprom's current top managers Alexander Dyukov and Alexey Miller. In 2004, the port was sold to Vladimir Lisin's structures, but Traber's people from the port did not completely disappear, his old acquaintance Alexander Ulanov now owns transport companies. He and other Traber's acquaintances (Yuri Paimullin and Alexander Petrov) own the Baltic Shipyard, owner of berths in the port. With the Traber team, a port oil transporter of Terminal Iskander LLC is also connected.

Perhaps because of his past, Traber-businessman was always drawn to the sea, to the port shipbuilding infrastructure. In the north-west of Russia, there is no port where Traber's people would not have interests - Petersburg, Murmansk, Vyborg, Kronstadt, Lomonosov, Primorsk. It is in Primorsk in 2008 that Traber will have a partner who will henceforth often appear next to Moreman. This is Nikolai Shamalov, the father of billionaire Kirill Shamalov, supposedly married to the daughter of President Putin. There, but later, the Traber group will have another high-level partnership - with the long-time acquaintance of Igor Sechin, the former head of Rosneft Eduard Khudainatov.
Together with the alleged matchmaker of Putin, Nikolai Shamalov, the "Traber" owned land in the port of Primorsk now their partner - Eduard Khudainatov. And together with Sergey Kolesnikov, the ex-partner of Shamalov and the company Rosinvest Murmansk terminals. "Rosinvest" was associated with Shamalov, and, as Kolesnikov argued, with Putin. Together with Shamalov and "traber", Rosinvest owned the Primorsky shipyard. The project was personally approved by Putin and applied for state financing. They also owned the Vyborg Shipyard. This "traber" asset has the most incredible story. The change of owners of one of the largest shipyards of St. Petersburg began in the middle of zero, the owners of the FAZ became close Traber, as well as people close to the bank "Russia". After that, the plant immediately received the largest contract from Gazprom for the construction of drilling platforms for Shtokman, worth 59 billion rubles, after which it re-ordered the order in Samsung twice cheaper - for 28 billion rubles. As a result, Shtokman is frozen, and the owners of the aircraft, having received money for the platform, and not having received any more orders, sold the plant.

 In addition to the port business, the Traber group was always interested in the fuel market, on which many dealers of the 1990s made their fortunes. For example, the structures of Traber and the leader of the Malyshev OPG Gennady Petrov controlled the Petersburg Oil Terminal (PNT). Another interesting shareholder of PNT was the company "Sovex", owned by the late authoritative St. Petersburg Dmitry Skigin. According to businessman Maxim Freidzon, Putin also owned shares in it. Now the owner of PNT himself calls his son Skigin - Michael.

"Traber" owned a stake in the St. Petersburg Fuel Company, which was established together with the bank "Russia" and a classmate of Putin - sambist Viktor Khmarin, and the board of directors included the leader of the "Tambov" Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin. Now the business is controlled by the spouses Andrey and Olga Golubev, according to the media, connected with Barsukov-Kumarin.

Ilya Traber also supervised the Russian Video Company.

"Deputy Reznik and Traber were partners, and originally Russian Video was not created by Dmitry Rozhdestvensky, as it is believed, namely Traber and Reznik," journalist Dmitry Zapolsky assures. "And it was in Vyborg, because it was the border of Russia with the West, and it was the power of Vyborg that was supposed to contribute, so to say, to the work of this company."

In the 90s, fate brought Dmitry Zapolsky with Traber in the most direct way. He became the editor-in-chief of the famous Russian Video company, which arose in Vyborg and dealt with everything from the soundtracks of Western movies to exports and imports. After several years of work in the "Russian Video" Zapolsky would prefer to resign, and later leave the country, fearing for his life.

"Those who own Petersburg are extremely influential in the whole of Russia," the journalist explains. "I strongly believe that Mr. Traber has a lot of interesting information about the Russian president, which we do not have with you."

Thus, the assets for which Ilya Traber's people stand are estimated at no less than 1.6 billion dollars, the journalists of the "Rain" believe.

And the real patrimony of the Moreman group since the end of the 1980s is Vyborg, where almost everyone owns Traber.

If you get into this reserved corner of the Vyborg district, where Lihaniemi peninsula connects with the island by the Narrow narrow road, Traber's proximity to Russian power will become quite obvious. The house in which the famous Soviet series about Sherlock Holmes takes place is the so-called Selgren mansion. A historical landmark on the shore of the Vyborg Gulf. Now you can not see him. A few kilometers to the house a solid fence and checkpoint, as in Rublyovka. Local residents say that FSO employees are guarding around. In pictures from space, you can see that behind the fence there is a huge object with a helicopter pad and two piers. The area of ​​the whole site is even larger than the territory of the famous palace near Gelendzhik. What is there?

After 2010, they began to build a dacha of Vladimir Putin. He rested on it at least once. He was taken there including the former head of the district Georgy Poryadin, who was a man of Traber.

"This is the residence of Putin, in short," says local resident Alexander. "Well, the Putin administration seems to be, VIP, in short, the recreation center. The whole forest was given away, and now people have no place to go fishing, not to go ashore. "

Five years ago, with the participation of the Leningrad vice-governor Konstantin Patraev, this land was transferred from the forest fund to Putin's friends. Patraev, according to the local press, is Traber's creature. His son, together with almost all of the Traber's partners, is in the shareholders of the oil business in the port of Murmansk. Where Ilya Traber, a submariner, once started his long journey.