Aram Gabrelyanov tired of

The media manager wants to sell his share in the project.
Aram Gabrelyanov is negotiating the sale of his stake in the company News Media, which manages the site The project will be restarted without its participation and will become a platform for bloggers, similar in concept to "Yandex.Den". On payments to authors plans to spend up to 7 million rubles. per month.

In early October, will be restarted as a platform for authoring content, Anatoly Suleymanov, general director of News Media JSC, owning the domain and trademark of, told Kommersant. " ceases to be a site only for cheers-patriots," he explains. Any author will be able to upload texts or videos to the site, and filter the illegal content will be a neural network. Now the site earns on advertising 8-12 million rubles. per month and 5-7 million rubles. ready to pay authors. "We hope that with the restart we will earn more, in six to nine months we will be able to go to zero and begin to repel money," Mr. Suleimanov specified. Editorial materials on the site will remain, but their correlation with the author's will change.

The new concept of is similar to Yandex.Dzn, a platform for authors who can receive money if their posts have collected at least 7,000 readings a week. Monetization on will be included after 2 thousand readings, says Project Manager Alexander Potapov. He agrees that the model resembles "Zen", but points out the differences: "The bulk of the Zen tape is not user content, but the media that Yandex is sending traffic to. We do not really see the original authors, and, as far as we know, the scheme of monetization does not suit everyone. We want at the expense of the author's content to give the site authoritative bloggers of any views, to the authors of Telegram-channels on different topics and in addition to top authors to attract people who want to speak out. "

Half of the tape "Yandex.Dzena" consists of publications created on the platform, the representative of this service objects. He has 12 thousand active authors and 7 thousand sites, the tape forms an algorithm based on the preferences of the reader, the daily audience - 13 million users. The forecasted revenue of the service for 2018, calculated from the data for May, is 4 billion rubles., Yandex reported earlier.

Now is a portal with such content as, for example, an investigation about daughters who killed a father, or the story of a grandmother who "attacked a paramedic". Accustomed to the traditional audience can leave, but in the future attendance will grow, Alexander Potapov hopes. "The mechanics of the site will change. It will look more like Medium (a platform for social journalism .- "Kommersant"), where the user can create a tape, "he said.

Two employees of the publication told Kommersant that in the new format the platform will start without its founder Aram Gabrelyanov - "either as a publisher or as a shareholder", as it is close to selling a stake in the project. The interlocutors of Kommersant believe that now he owns 25% of News Media JSC and shares in certain projects of the company, for example, SPARK-Interfax notes that 25% of News Media is owned by a Cypriot company, 75% owned by the Media + Foundation, whose contacts coincide with the data of the National Media Group (NMG), where Mr. Gabrelyanov previously worked. After leaving there in 2017, he took up the Moscow football club Ararat and moved away from the media, Anatoly Suleymanov said. Aram Gabrelyanov and representative of NMG refused to comment. A source close to the group emphasized that the LMWH has nothing to do with either as a shareholder or at the management level.

Paying for content has always been a key problem for the Internet industry, says Sergei Efimov, Marketing Director of OMD OM Group. "Platforms received content conditionally as a given, since the bulk of the investment-attractive content is television. In recent years, digital providers are beginning to invest in content more and more, costs are growing by 80-150% annually, "he explains. But another trend has become evident, the expert adds: the user content does not have the required level of quality to attract the audience.