Arkady Babchenko was almost shot from "Schmeisser"

In the blunt show "the rescue of journalist Babchenko" a customer appeared. They were the owner of the director of the Ukrainian-German small arms manufacturing company Schmeiss Boris Herman, who supplied weapons to the Ukrainian army. And the killer was a nationalist monk Alexei Tsymbalyuk.
In the organization of the assassination attempt on journalist Arkady Babchenko, the director of the Ukrainian-German arms manufacturing company Schmeiss Boris Boris Herman is suspected. He supplied weapons to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which fought in the south-east of the country. Such a business, as a rule, is under the control of the SBU. Today the court will select a preventive measure for the suspect. Meanwhile, the staging of an assassination attempt on a journalist has provoked harsh criticism from public organizations and state structures. In defense of the SBU, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko spoke.

Today, the Kyiv Shevchenko District Court will select a preventive measure in the form of arrest of Boris Herman, suspected of preparing an attempt on the Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko. And the investigation qualifies the crime as a terrorist act. About the suspect it is known that he was in charge of the Ukrainian-German enterprise for the production of weapons "Schmeisser" and was engaged in the supply of weapons, ammunition and special equipment to Ukrainian units operating in the southeast of the country.

According to the SBU, Mr. Herman for $ 30 thousand tried to hire one of the veterans of the action to kill Mr. Babchenko. With the help of the crime of the special services of the Russian Federation, allegedly standing behind Mr. Herman, they planned to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. However, the criminal plan was not executed in circumstances beyond the control of the suspect - the mercenary surrendered to the Security Service, where they decided to stage the murder of the journalist.

Unsuccessful killer in the case of Arkady Babchenko was a former monk Alex Tsymbalyuk, who participated in the ATU. About his involvement in the case, he said on Facebook, explaining the opportunity to disclose information by the fact that after promulgating the record of receiving him an advance for the "murder" of Arkady Babchenko, where his voice is clearly heard, he sees no reason to "encrypt." "It is wonderful that the talented young opera is working in the service, to which you go quietly with information about orders for murder," Mr. Tsymbalyk wrote. "You address yourself and are not afraid that you will be soled by the same customers for dollars. Honestly, I do not know how my fate will turn out any further, a bit on my nerves. But I know for sure that the investigator, who dragged all this business on himself, the investigator in the case - people of honor. "

Arkady Babchenko was made up under a wounded with three bullets, laid on the floor and photographed. Then one of the participants of the staging produced three rounds of blank cartridges, after which the journalist's wife summoned the ambulance, who took her husband away.

In accordance with the plan, it was announced that the journalist had died on the way. Immediately in the network posted his photo, allegedly made by the killer, letting the alleged organizer know that his order had been worked out. Soon after that, Boris Herman was detained, and the head of the SBU Vasily Gritsak "enlivened" Arkady Babchenko at the press conference, accusing the Russian special services of trying to liquidate him.

However, not everyone believed in the production arranged by the SBU. Moreover, the special operation itself provoked harsh criticism. For example, the Secretary General of the organization "Reporters without Borders" Christophe Deloir accused the Ukrainian special services that they staged the murder of a journalist for information war with Russia. And the Speaker of the Slovak Parliament, Andrei Danko, said that the special operation looks "unworthy and ridiculous."

Having joined the Security Service, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called her employees heroes. According to him, one should not blame Ukrainians, but Russia. Ukrainians, according to Mr. Poroshenko, are doing everything possible to "protect themselves." At the same time, the president promised that "this will continue to be so."

Arkady Babchenko himself has already accepted the offer of a representative of the presidential administration for help in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship. "I did not refuse, I'll be honest," he said at a press conference. Now the journalist has a view of permanent residence in the country.