Arkady Rotenberg is no longer a developer

Since the US and the EU imposed sanctions against Arkady Rotenberg, he has left at least two development companies.
Businessman Arkady Rotenberg is no longer a partner of the former owners of Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port Alexander Ponomarenko and Alexander Skorobogatko in their development business - the company "TPS Property", told "Vedomosti" a person close to her leadership. Rothenberg representative confirmed that the businessman withdrew as co-owners of "SCC Real Estate", but the details of the transaction were not disclosed. The representative of the most "real estate SCC" said: Rotenberg to July 2014 is not a beneficiary group TPS Real Estate Holding, which holds 100% of the development company.

"TPS Property" Specialization - construction of shopping centers and management. Now the company's portfolio of about 1 million square feet. meters of real estate, including the existing shopping centers "Gallery Krasnodar" in Krasnodar, "Moremoll" in Sochi and Ocean Plaza in Kiev, said on its website. Another three sites - under construction: "Gallery of Novosibirsk" (input is planned before the end of this year) and shopping centers close to the art. m. "Slavic boulevard" and "PolezhaevskayaI "in Moscow. Earlier this year, "SCC Real Estate" said that it is willing to 2017 to invest about $ 3 billion in the construction of shopping centers.

No reasons for exit from the Rothenberg its owners or buyers of its package interlocutors "Vedomosti" do not disclose. Likely sales package linked to the sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union with regard to a businessman, says the managing partner of consulting agencies and estate Blackwood Konstantin Kovalev: plans for "real estate SCC" scale, it needs to attract loans, and with the co-owner of it becomes difficult.

The US and EU have included Arkady Rotenberg in the sanctions list this spring. The annual report for 2013, "SCC Real Estate" implied that the sanctions may impede access "of Russian business to the international capital markets and export markets", cause capital flight, weakening the ruble, and so on. D. Assumptions about how the sanctions will affect the activities of the company itself, in its report no.

And in the end of September, Italy's financial police seized assets Rotenberg in this Articlewound, worth about 30 million euros, including apartments and villas in Cagliari, a villa in Tarquinia, two villas in Arzachena and luxury hotel Berg Luxury in the heart of Rome.

What was the proportion of Rothenberg in "SCC Real Estate" is not known. In 2012, Forbes magazine Ponomarenko said that each of the three co-owners invested in the company's authorized capital by $ 500 million: probably each of them belonged to some 33%.

Now 100% of the company's assets are worth more than $ 1.7 billion - this is a rough estimate Kovalev.

There were other Rothenberg developer's assets, for example, he was the principal owner of the company "RG Development", which is planning to develop projects in commercial and residential real estate. So far, however, it has not announced any project. Now "RG Development" or more owners, Arkady Rotenberg among them there is no representative of the company says Natalia Ivanova.

Rotenberg also owned a stake in the hotel "Moscow" and has invested in the construction of a large shopping center "fleet" (400 000 sq. M) on Khodynka Field. Do you have preserved his share in these andktivah, could not figure out yesterday.

In addition, Arkady Rotenberg controls "Stroygazmontazh", together with his brother Boris - "SMP Bank" and "North European Pipe Project" (SETP, one of the suppliers of pipes for the "Gazprom» ), with his son Igor - "Mostotrest»  . "SMP Bank" is still controlled by Rotenberg said his spokesman. The representative of "Mostotrest" no comment, contact "Stroygazmontazh" failed. A SETP since spring 2014 is about to close.