Arkady Rotenberg made candy out of shit

The co-owner of Mostotrest has grown by more than $ 200 million; it is the only Russian billionaire to have an increase in the value of assets at the beginning of this week.
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The fortune of billionaire Arkady Rotenberg rose March 16 by $ 233 million, to $ 3 billion, according to Forbes Real Time. The businessman became the leader in state growth among all participants in the Forbes global list on March 16. The states of other Russian participants in the global list on Monday either show zero dynamics or fall.

The reason for this is the sharp increase in the shares of Mostotrest, one of Rotenberg's main assets. The company's shares on Monday morning jumped 60%, from 119.1 rubles per share (closing price on March 13) to 187.8 rubles (as of 10:30 Moscow time). By 15:20, the paper was trading at 182 rubles per share. This is the maximum value in seven years, the last time that Mostotrest shares rose to this level in February 2013, when the company and Rotenberg themselves were not yet under American sanctions. Moreover, over the past week the dynamics of Mostotrest's shares was not so significant - the shares rose from 92.7 to 119.1 rubles per week.

Today's sharp increase was preceded by an announcement that the company intends to buy securities from minority shareholders at a price of 220.44 rubles. Those shareholders who oppose the reorganization of the company by spinning off Roads and Bridges JSC from it will be able to sell their blocks. The reorganization will take place within the framework of the creation of the Natsproektstroy Group of Companies, a joint venture of Stroyproektholding by Rotenberg and VEB. Subsequently, “Roads and bridges” should enter the joint venture.

The parties agreed to create a joint venture in June last year, the new structure should become the largest player in the market of infrastructure financing and construction. Then VEB said that the assets of TEK-Mosenergo, Trust Hydromontazh and the 1520 group of companies would be of interest to the joint venture. According to a source close to the deal, VEB will issue a bridge loan of 29.8 billion rubles to the joint venture, this money, he said, will be used to purchase construction assets.

Mostotrest is the largest bridge builder in Russia and one of the largest builders of transport infrastructure. The company participated in the construction of the Crimean bridge, the total project cost amounted to 228 billion rubles. it was this that caused the introduction of sanctions against her. The United States imposed sanctions against Mostotrest in September 2016. The EU imposed sanctions against Mostotrest in the summer of 2018. Rotenberg itself has been under sanctions since 2014.

On the whole, Monday, March 16th, became another fall day for the Russian market. By 16:00 Moscow time, the Mosbirzhi index was falling by almost 5%, the RTS index was losing more than 6.5%.