Arkady Rotenberg sold Stroygazmontazh to unknown persons

Billionaire Arkady Rotenberg sold Gazprom’s largest contractor to a company registered a few months before the deal, its sole founder previously owned ten companies, nine of which ceased to exist.
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The buyer of the largest contractor of Gazprom - the company Stroygazmontazh - became the non-public joint-stock company Stroyinvestholding, registered several months before the transaction. The first to the data published in the register was Interfax.

According to SPARK, Stroyinvestholding was registered on July 3, 2019. Her office is located in Federation Tower on Presnenskaya Embankment. The sole founder of the company is Olga Safonova. She owned ten more companies in the Irkutsk, as well as the Tyumen and Samara regions. Nine of them ceased to exist, one is in the process of liquidation. In addition, Safonova led the company from the Magadan region.

The sale of Stroygazmontazh billionaire Arkady Rotenberg closed in early November. RBC sources called the buyer "Gazstroyprom" - the new single contractor of Gazprom. The deal amounted to about 75 billion rubles, said the interlocutors of RBC and Vedomosti.

Rotenberg created Stroygazmontazh in 2008. In 2014, the company became the largest contractor of Gazprom with revenue of 225 billion rubles. Together with Stroygazconsulting Ziyad Manasir and Stroytransneftegaz Gennady Timchenko F 5 and its partners, the companies formed the so-called Big Three of contractors.

According to SPARK, in 2014-2018, the revenue of Stroygazmontazh amounted to about 1.5 trillion rubles, and the amount of dividends paid was about 77 billion rubles. The company takes 28th place in the list of “200 largest private companies in Russia 2019” with a capitalization of 304.1 billion rubles.

Stroygazmontazh participated in major infrastructure projects in recent years. The company was the general contractor for the construction of the Krymsky Bridge (the total project cost is 2.88 billion rubles), and participated with Stroytransneftegaz in the construction of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline (costing more than 1 trillion rubles).