Arkady Rotenberg will build a huge house near the subway "Voikovskaya"

Investments in the project will exceed 4 billion rubles.
"RG-Development" plans to build a residential complex with an area of ​​more than 60,000 square meters. m near the station. m. "Voikovskaya" - in Staropetrovsky travel in the north of Moscow, said one of the brokers who worked with the company. In late 2017, she became the sole owner of the company "Ground Invest", which owns a plot of 2 hectares in the Voikovsky district, confirmed the representative of the developer. According to SPARK until November 2017, this firm was owned by Dmitry, the son of the former head of Mosmetrostroi, Evgeny Kashin. it was not possible to contact him.

The representative of the "RG-Development" refused to name the parameters of the planned project: the town-planning potential of the land plot is only determined, and the documentation for the planning of the territory is not approved, he explained. On the site of the project developer, the architectural bureau Master's Plan, its total area is 55,300 sq. M. m.

"RG-development" was created in 2013 by billionaire Arkady Rotenberg, whom the company then called the main owner. His minority was the CEO of the Rotenberg-owned "Stroygazmontazha" Ruslan Goryukhin, at that time people who were close to the company specified. A year later, the United States and the European Union included Rotenberg in the sanctions list, after which the owner of the "RG-development" became the unknown Cyprus "Jetbox Holdings". Rotenberg and his representatives among the shareholders of the latter is not, assured earlier an employee of the "RG-development". Now its main owner is the Lontano fund (80%), whose beneficiaries are not known.

The Rothenberg family still controls the developer, three realtors working with him assure. According to them, after the introduction of sanctions, many developer assets of a businessman, for example, a share in the "TPN real estate", were transferred to Igor Rotenberg's son. His representative declined to comment. "All information about the company is posted in open sources", - only a representative of the "RG-Development" informed.

The chairman of the Board of Directors of Best New Construction, Irina Dobrokhotova, estimates the total costs of the RG development for the project in Staropetrovsky Proyezd, including the cost of land, at a minimum of 4.3 billion rubles, and the proceeds from the project will exceed 6 billion rubles. The future project of the "RG-development" is extremely well located, notes the managing partner of the "Metrium Group" Maria Litinetskaya: near st. m. "Voykovskaya", convenient access to the Leningrad highway and one of the largest shopping malls in the city "Metropolis". Besides, the new complex has almost no competitors, says Dobrokhotova: all proposals in this direction are represented by residential objects near the "Water Stadium" and "River Station" (Mayakovsky, Nevsky, Vodny) or at the Airport , "Falcon" and "Dynamo" ("Tsar's Square", Prime Park, etc.).