Arkady Rotenberg's son Igor became a shareholder of the Tula Cartridge Factory

This industry may soon have serious defense orders.
About the change of its shareholders informed Tula Cartridge Works (TCW): Rotenberg bought 46.176% of the shares from Alexey Solovov, becoming the largest shareholder. Another 46.173% of the shares owned by SMI Capital share of the company (on a parity basis established in 2008, Valentina and Natalya Gaposhkin Kurt). Why Rothenberg interested in this business - it is not clear. The representative declined to comment. Unable to contact the Solovova that since 2000 led the plant. The Nightingale and the Capital Joint-stock company for many years owned by TCW and the second after the company in terms of turnover - Ulyanovsk ammunition plant (in which they have 50%).

TCW was established by Emperor Alexander II in 1880. Today TCW is the leading enterprise of the cartridge industry in Russia, the largest supplier of ammunition to the domestic market and export, said on its website. Fires pistol and rifle ammunition for hunting and sport, as well as ammunition for military use (pistol, submachine gun, large caliber, including armor-piercing, incendiary and sniper).

TCW operates profitable and pay dividends: 129 million rubles. for 2015, 50 million rubles. - For the first three quarters of 2016 Despite the good financial results and high profitability, in QST significant debt (. 2.6 billion rubles at the end of September 2016), so the whole company can be worth 2-3 billion rubles, says the analyst. " Aton "Michael Ganelin.

TCW is a well known enterprise in Russia and abroad, in the global market, Russian cartridges have a serious competitive advantage - low price, although not considered to be the highest quality. The largest market for Russian ammunition factories were the United States, but in 2014 the company's defense and producing dual-use products were under sanctions and it has become more difficult to work, says editor in chief of the magazine "Arms Export" Andrey Frolov. But in a short time, the Ministry of Defence to replenish ammunition (as long as their purchases are dotted) and TCW will be one of the main contenders for the order, the expert adds. It is not excluded military transition to a new caliber, which also promises significant orders, adds Frolov.

TCW is the second independent business project Igor Rotenberg (he owns 50% of the project "Plato" to collect fees from the trucks), its other businesses - 33% of TPS Real Estate Holding (owns the shopping and entertainment centers in Russia), controlling "Gazprom drilling" and "TEK Mosenergo" - switched to it from his father after the latter in 2014 was in Western sanctions lists. Arkady Rotenberg - each and Putin's judo coach.

Tula Cartridge Plant

Manufacturer of ammunition. Shareholders: Igor Rotenberg (46.176%), JSC "Capital Joint-stock company" (46.173%). Revenue (RAS 9 months 2016): 3.4 billion rubles, net profit: 466 million rubles.