Arkady Rothenberg has a third Rahil for 60 million euros

The Russian oligarch bought himself a new yacht.
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Superyachtfan, which tracks the purchase of the most expensive yachts in the world, claims that the Rahil yacht worth $ 60 million belongs to Arkady Rothenberg. Sources of the website assure that it is this Russian businessman who is its real owner, although Rahil was previously associated with Grigory Baevsky. The same information was contained in the Russian Maritime Register.

The yacht was built in 2011 for the British billionaire Graham de Zill and was originally called Amnesia. However, shortly before launching it was resold and was named Nataly. A few years later the yacht was purchased by Rothenberg and renamed Rahil.

Superyachtfan claims that Rothenberg has at least two more yachts built in 2005 and 2012, also called Rahil.

A representative of the businessman said that Rahil does not belong to Arkady Rothenberg.

The fact that Baevsky owns the yacht, in March 2016, reported in its investigation the Center for the Study of Corruption and Organized Crime OCCRP. The material said that a businessman from St. Petersburg was associated with companies that belonged to the Rothenberg brothers, as well as participated in numerous transactions with real estate, one way or another related to them.

Representative Rotenberg in March denied the connection Bayevsky with any transactions on their behalf.

Arkady Rothenberg ranks 39th among 200 richest businessmen of Russia by Forbes with a fortune of $ 2.6 billion. He owns 100% of shares in Stroigazmontazh, 80% in Minudobreniya, 35% in TPS Avia and 49, 99% - in the SMP Bank.

Rotenberg has been familiar with Russian President Vladimir Putin since childhood. Together they studied in the judo section in Leningrad.