Arkady Rothenberg wants to buy a majority stake in Mostotrest

Businessman Arkady Rotenberg intends to buy out a controlling stake in the structure of Russian Railways, one of Russia's largest contractors, Mostotrest.
Russian businessman Arkady Rotenberg is considering the possibility of repurchasing one of Russia's largest contractors, Mostotrest. As a representative of the businessman told Vedomosti, there is information according to which APF "Blagosostoyanie" - one of the company's shareholders - plans to exit the business.

Mostotrest is Russia's largest contractor for the construction of bridges and one of the key companies implementing the project of the transport crossing through the Kerch Strait. "I am interested in the direction of construction of infrastructure facilities. Part of the assets that I am a shareholder are focused on infrastructure projects, so buying a package will increase sectoral synergies and, as a result, increase the efficiency of the entire business, "Rotenberg said.

The executive director of "Welfare" Yuri Novozhilov noted that Mostotrest is an investment asset, now the APF is considering the possibility of its sale. "We are satisfied with this investment. The first one to whom we suggested was Arkady Rothenberg. Now the deal is under consideration by the FAS, all details are after approval by the regulator, "he added.

RZhD controlled NPF Blagosostoyanie became the controlling shareholder in Mostotrest in April 2015. Then, OAO TFK-finance, whose shareholders are the managing companies of Welfare, acquired a 38.63% stake in Mostotrest from Marc O'Polo Investments Ltd for approximately 10.04 billion rubles.

Prior to this, the largest stake in Mostotrest was owned by Marc O'Polo Investment, which was associated with Arkady Rotenberg (the company owns 68.45% of his son Igor, the remaining 31.55% of Marc O'Polo belong to the top managers of the group "H- trance »to Konstantin Nikolaev, Nikita Mishin and Andrei Filatov). Marc O'Polo Investment had 38.6% of the capital, the management companies of NPF Blagosostoyanie owned 25% of the shares of Mostotrest, the remaining shares were in free circulation. The deal with OJSC TFK-Finance led Marc O'Polo Investment out of Mostotrest's shareholding and increased the share of Blagosostoya's managers in Mostotrest to 63.63%.

The 19-kilometer bridge across the Kerch Strait should connect the Crimea and the Taman Peninsula. It consists of a four-lane automobile bridge and two railway tracks. Taking into account the automotive and railway approaches, the project cost, according to Vedomosti estimates, will exceed 300 billion rubles. The bridge itself for 223 billion rubles. builds "Stroygazmontazh" by Arkady Rotenberg. The same company without a competition got several contracts for approaches to the bridge. A significant part of the work (by 96 billion rubles) will be executed by Mostotrest.