Arkady Volozh's son gets rid of real estate development business

After Lev Volozh sold a controlling stake in California company, it had been sued by the government of Moscow to recover 2 million rubles of debt.
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The son of the founder of "Yandex" Arkady Volozh - Leo Volozh, who worked as the head "Yandeks.Taksi", sold a controlling stake in a real estate development company - LLC "CA". The company has a debt of more than 2 million rubles of rent to the Government of Moscow. Moscow Property Department will attempt to recover this amount through the courts.

for internet services specialist

Junior Volozh always I engaged in Internet-dependent business. He started working in his father's company in 2010 on the service "Yandeks.Taksi" as a manager. In 2013, he was the team leader of commercial projects. Then he initiated the creation of the service "Yandeks.Master", which was supposed to help users to solve their small problems of everyday life, such as clean the house, fix the plumbing, a courier delivering a package, etc. The service was launched in September 2014, but a year later in "Yandex" has made the decision to close it. Volozh himself believed in the service and wanted to continue working on it, but modified. On the basis of "Yandeks.Master" created a service for delivering produks MoscowFresh. For this company was established "YaMaster" CEO and owner of which, according to the register, it is Andrey Kudryashov, who previously oversaw the creation of "Yandeks.Master" project, and now, according to the younger Volozh, engaged in the project "Yandeks.Taksi". When asked whether the employees have their own business is allowed, the press service of "Yandex" did not answer.

Service earned in November 2015. Despite the fact that the younger Volozh legally irrelevant to the LLC "YaMaster" no, "Izvestia", he said that it was his project, in which it invests its own funds development - "a million per month." This Volozh confirmed that Kudryashov is the sole owner of "YaMaster" LLC.

Why Volozh Jr. decided to take up the development business, is not known. He questions on this subject is not responding.

Business with friends father

"News" tried to understand why the son of the founder of "Yandex" has decided to do business is not peculiar to him - the real estate. Apparently, the younger Volozh decided organizovats joint business with his father's partners.

It turned out that Arkady Volozh is the long-standing friendly relations with Andrew Grinev, the sole owner of the company "State Development", which is engaged in development of premium property, including the construction of a residential complex on the bank of the Moskva River in the prestigious area of ​​"Golden Mile".

In 2002 they established HOA "The Monastery", which is close to the new office of the company "Yandex" and "State Development".

From 2006 to 2010, "Yandex" has rented office in a former textile factory in Moscow at Samokatnaya, 1, building 21. This building is listed among the projects that the company was engaged in "State Development", and at various times it was owned by an affiliate of Andrey Grinev companies.

Company "State Development" owns "ArtHouse" projects, "ArtKvartal" hotel in Vietnam and the castle in the Czech Republic.

"ArtKvartal" -masshtabny project in the city center with residential houses, art centers and offices. Project initiative, which hookedYerzhan Sergei Sobyanin, belongs created in 2012, "Union of creative territories," in which management includes André Green (CEO of "State Development"), Sergei dozen (head Artplay Design Center) and Sofia Trotsenko (director of the Center for Contemporary Art "Winery") . According to public data, "ArtKvartal" would have to enter the territory of "Winery" LCD "ArtHouse" (it was built by LLC "State Development"), as well as the business center of the "Red Rose", is now the company "Yandex" office and ArtPlay. In 2014, they increased the leased area of ​​32 thousand sq. M. m to 53.5 sq. m. m. In November last year reported a possible repurchase of the company "Yandex" of the business center "Red Rose".

Development business Jr. Volozh

According to the register, in 2009, Catherine Levintova Ltd. Establishes "California". About Levintovoy only know that it is an employee of the company "State Development". According to registration data, "California" specializes on investments in property, Strawstruction, purchase and sale of real estate, investing in securities, lease of property, creation of resources on the Internet. No website, no more information was not found on this company.

However, as found out "Izvestiya", the company owns the premises on the fifth floor with a total area of ​​about 2 sq. M. m in the business center MOD Design building at Small Konyushkovskaya Lane, 2. The rest of the building is owned by several affiliated with the "State Development" companies. The areas in the business center are rented, there is also a room, where the events dedicated to creativity and design. Several times the company "Yandex" held a presentation of its new services.

2 years after the creation of the company "CA", in February 2011, Leo Volozh gained 84%, while the remaining 16% - Irina Dashkova it, as well as the first owner, an employee of "State Development".

According to financial analyst group of companies "Finam" Timur Nigmatullin, in December 2015 the market value of the company is not less than 140-180 million rubles.

-In 2011, the segment of real estate was attractive for investment against the background of the period ultrasoft monetary policy of the Federal Reserve System, which stimulated demand for assets in developing countries and because of the strong ruble and the Russian economy growing, - says Nigmatulin.

How do I find "News", December 9, 2015 Jr. Volozh sold controlling interest - 56% of its share Leonid Velichansky also affiliated with the "State Development".

- In 2015, real estate investment began to depreciate against the strengthening of capital outflows from emerging markets. Of course, said the devaluation of the ruble and falling demand for such assets due to the recession in the Russian economy - says Nigmatulin. - Based on the dynamics of financial indicators, assessment of the market value of a few years would grow by 3-5 times.

According to media expert Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky, Volozh Jr. has sold part of its stake in the company "CA" for the sake of another of his business - service delivery MoscowFresh farm products.

- I think that Volozh decided not occupiedmatsya the business that in the foreseeable future will not bring much profit, and brought the money in another business. He just found another niche, which is more interesting and promising, especially with regard to sanctions and the trend of import substitution - says Korobkov-Zemlyansky. - Farm products, of course, all Russian. Many people looking for restaurants and similar services, with convenient logistics, good quality. I think Volozh saw here a free niche and decided to go into this business.

A few days after a deal to sell stake Volozh has been issued officially, the Department of Municipal Property of Moscow filed in the Moscow Arbitration Court lawsuit against the LLC "CA" for the recovery of debts and penalties amounting to more than 2 million rubles. The press service of the Department of "Izvestia" reported that the lawsuit filed in connection with non-payment of rent from the beginning of 2011. They were assured that tried to negotiate out of court, giving 23 March 2015 a complaint with a request to pay the debt. However, the conditions were not met, so the department had Obraos the court. The meeting is scheduled for February 17 this year.

- In my experience, in such disputes department of Moscow city property often wins. The court's decision could happen without the presence of the defendant in the proceedings, if properly notified, - explained "Izvestia" Candidate of Legal Sciences Alexey Sirenko. - One of the reasons why the rent has not been paid, may be an extreme rate hike. When a contract is always indicated that once a year the property department has the right to increase the rental rate at its discretion. Another reason could be that the Department under the terms of the rental value does not take into account that the respondent company is a small business entity that has certain benefits for rental property. Another reason could serve as a crisis. The company has just run out of money and had nothing to pay rent.