Arkhangelskoye has finally come into the hands of Vekselberg

The government has refused to protect the territory of the monument, referring to the lack of funds. 
Fights for the grove at Arkhangelskoye, which lasted nearly 10 years, is over. The Ministry of Culture of Moscow Region has confirmed an additional agreement to the contract between the companies and Mosoblleskhozom "Erlik group" and "OblStroyUniversal" under the control of oligarch and President of the "Skolkovo" Foundation Victor Vekselberg.

It fought with him and activists and locals.

Merchants who have received in 2004 those 40 hectares of unique Apollonovna groves - a landscape park, in need of restoration, trying to remove the protected status of land and begin construction. In November this year, the Regional Arbitration Court ruled to terminate the contract. But now - with the consent of the ministries - Grove again comes under the control of the same company. New rent they got on extremely low price - 4 million a year, a thousand rubles per one hundred square meters, for 40 years.
At a meeting with journalists, Deputy Minister of Culture of Russia Grigory Ivliev he explained that "control of this land by the Ministry of Culture and the museum is now fully installed. The new agreement wecompletely satisfied. No building in this area by virtue of the agreement, due to security obligations can not be. " The Deputy Minister explained that the supplementary agreement provides "only works on the device of the forest." The array must be cleaned and restored, it will be held by the fire safety work.

Director of the Museum-Estate Andrei Gagarin philosophized: "At least in this particular case, I want to break this pseudo-culture of distrust. Of course, in the Arkhangelsk it had many pretensions. But apart from the enemies in the Arkhangelsk and there friends. Still, the war - an abnormal condition, every war ends with peace. If now is peace on those conditions that are important for Arkhangelsk on this world you need to go. "

"First, we refer to the Russian proverb - continued arguments director. - Let bygones be bygones. That period, which was from 2004, was a complex, difficult, there was no understanding of what is possible and what is not. They are fully realized. And another tenant can be, and is not aware of. I believe that the best Partnachs we did not find. Yes, do not hide the fact that they were trying to prove that there do not need to save anything ... Alley will be restored only where the traces of alleys. "

No plan for the development of new areas of the companies yet. Minister of Culture of Moscow Region Roznov claims that it will develop a "accredited contact the company." Rožnov himself explains the need for such "public-private partnership" poverty of the state: "In the budget the money that was impossible."

Ivliev argued that no profit at all for rent will not bring Vekselberg: "This charitable considerations. And image. " However, the next day in the 10th Arbitration Court of Appeal, which had held a formal reconciliation of officials and businessmen, company spokeswoman Vekselberg explained: nearby, on the other, has areas belonging to them is planned to build, and a landscaped park in the neighborhood will increase property values. Indeed, another company controlled by Vekselberg ( "Riliant Administreyshn & Management"), rowsAulnay long been able to get into the ownership of five plots of about five hectares. Plots are also under a burden - on some construction allowed "limited" on other prohibited at all, so the company's lawyers in the fall also fought for a change of status ...

The head of the Regional All-Russian Society for Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments (VOOPIK) Eugene neighbors told the "New", as were the previous unexpected peace talks: "The meeting was held at the museum on December 2. I was present at her. He came himself Vekselberg, Minister of Culture Medina, Minister of the Moscow Region Roznov, Deputy Governor Perov, people of Forestry, Federal Property Management Agency, Mosobldumy - and the director of the museum. We all went into the room, but then all asked to leave. There was Vekselberg and Medina. They talked for 10 minutes, then left Vekselberg. We went back. Medina invited comments. And in turn, said that the courts we will, of course, won, but it is a pity that such an investor goes ... we must seek ways of cooperation. We offer a variety of options, including - first register the land in aYour own museum, as it was assumed by government decree in 1996, and then offer for rent. People from companies Vekselberg said that because they are not interested, they want to rent directly from the state, not the museum. We agreed to work out the different options ... But this Monday, I learned that the additional agreement has been signed. "

VOOPIK activists refer to a government decree №388: land located within protected zones should be in a museum or the nearby resort property. All these years of judicial struggle is the ruling protected the claims of the tenants. But instead of processing the released land to the ownership of its museum have decided to surrender immediately.

The trial of the Ministry of Culture and stop Vekselberg has not yet happened. Oppose the Federal Property Management Agency - its about the upcoming "peace" is not notified, an additional agreement was not shown. In addition, it became clear that the most important document is not signed by the "security obligations" - the tenant must sign that he knew about the security zones andbias towards their limits. Court postponed for a month.