Art of investing into power

Why the Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev belives that the island of Skorpios, Cyprus and Monaco are three places in the world where he can do whatever he wants.
Party with DiCaprio

The warm July evening on the French Riviera comes into its own. Quiet street in the center of Saint-Tropez, is almost deserted during the day already filled with luxury cars. On the red carpet, shivering through the air from the southern heat, to the side of a small chalet located in the depths of a well-tended vineyard Domaine Bertaud Belieu, slowly moving respectable gentlemen in tuxedos with their charming companions in flowing dresses. From the roof of the mansion to them whether with sympathy, or watched with interest the two Bengal tigers, whose portraits adorn the traditional annual gala dinner, organized by the most famous defender of wildlife, Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

In the crowd someone showed awareness: tigers Hollywood star keen on a friend, the chairman of its foundation Milutin Gatsby, which is "not really Gatsby at all, because it is a pseudonym, and the mercenary military, the Yugoslav party transactions." It should be noted that the discussion of rumors on such events - the most common and favorite activity.
On stage at the time DiCaprio has thanked the audience for showing concern about wildlife issues and in the process said that after receiving the "Oscar" for the main role in the movie "Survivor" does not intend to make movies the next two years.

The hall is divided into two zones (for the world of bohemia and its wealthy admirers-business), saunter waiters with glasses of champagne.

"Look, Leo," - a young Russian girl in a beautiful white dress with a plunging neckline nodded toward the table number 33, followed by the hero in the evening something fun discussing with his partner in the film "The Wolf of Wall Street" by John Hill and Hollywood star Edward Norton. To their conversation from time to time he joined the American painter and sculptor Jeff Koons. Attempts to break into the conversation to make and yet little-known Russian millionaire Basil Klyukin living in Monaco. At last year's auction Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, he paid $ 3.5 million for the chance to fly into space with DiCaprio. But the flight, which he enthusiastically announced in Russian Glyantsevs magazines, did not take place - but Klyukin allowed to sit with the actor at the same table this year.

"You know, all these items - space flight and descent in a submarine with someone from Hollywood - a tinsel" - cynically explained to his companion, according to Odessa accent, Ukrainian businessman. But today, he continued, the lots will be "real" - sharing with DiCaprio male tennis finals US Open, actor wrist watches, a few paintings of contemporary avant-garde artists, and all in this spirit.

Despite the fact that to a charity auction still had plenty of time to calculate estimated revenue fund could now - the cost of one table, according to the organizers of a private offer, could be up to 500 thousand euros, and the tables there were no fewer than four dozen.

Meanwhile in the hall all Russian was heard more clearly. As it failed to detect Ukrainian businessmen and deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Onishchenko, announced an international arrest warrant, and Vitaly Homutynnik. Not far from them, for differentand tables are located billionaires from Russia - Alexander Mashkevich aluminum magnate and banker Kenes Rakishev. In the corner at this time hiding Chechen former senator Umar Dzhabrailov, anxiously peering into the depths of the hall.

"Last year, at an auction organized by Amfar, Umar was ready to buy a lot," a two-day stay with the Prince of Monaco. " For him it was important - Umar did not let go after some incidents in Monte Carlo. Now here is looking for a prince wants to prove that he - a decent man "- another piece of gossip like a vibrating head.

At the opposite end of the table Dzhabrailov sat quietly Russian businesswoman Marina Goldberg, a man respectful curtsy and then left. On the face of it through sheer weariness and indifference to what is happening: two weeks before the Moscow FSB officers arrested her authoritative husband Zachary Kalash, better known as Shakro Young ...

The most colorful of the Russian "delegation" was Dmitry Rybolovlev, most of the evening had spent in silence at her withtolite and only one is selected for a short conversation with the Prince of Monaco Albert II, meeting with which is so desperately sought Umar Dzhabrailov.

During the conversation the prince and billionaire carefully watched the last three tables: Rybolovlev at Monaco is considered perhaps the most influential businessman, and the relationship with the prince had recently though deteriorated. However, judging by the dialogues guests, not much. "Dmitry E. recently helped Bedzhamovu exit" - boasted some of the environment Rybolovlev.

Scrap news immediately circled crawling and was supplemented with fresh information: owner of the collapsed Vneshprombank George Bedzhamov due Rybolovlev was not only released from prison Monaco (which came after Russia in the international search ads), but got a loyal "restrictive regime" - celebrated in police he had only once a month. Bedzhamov recently flew to London.

Close to midnight, the talk of those who escaped from Russian justice, and to discuss business plans have moved to a neighboring tent, where Dmitry Rybolovlev ledLeonardo DiCaprio and individual guests at his mansion in Saint-Tropez (acquired for 60 million euros) in the specially refitted for 5 million euros on the occasion of the arrival of disco actor.

After them all with the same interest watched the Bengal Tigers.

Prisoner Duchy Eve

... Early in the morning February 25, 2015 the Swiss entrepreneur Yves Bouvier met in a long-awaited trip to Monaco.

It looks simple and even a little untidy multi-millionaire (he prefers a respectable costume crumpled shirt tucked into faded jeans, the belt of which sticks out the old-fashioned case for mobile phone) - One of the most influential art dealers in the world. In its portfolio - the largest transaction for the purchase and sale of masterpieces of world art, estimated in billions of euros from the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani to sculpture. Throughout the world, about the Bouvier is also referred to as the "king of free ports."


free port - one of the free economic zone types: the port area is not part of the customs territory of the dnnogo state. The functioning of a free port is based on the complete or partial absence of customs duties and taxes, preferential import regime, export and re-export of goods. In these ports are allowed to perform loading and unloading operations, warehousing, sorting, labeling and storage of goods, engage in the activities of exhibition, sale of goods, the provision of banking and insurance services, as well as the restoration of works of art, storage of unique wines, precious metals and precious stones.

Despite the busy schedule - businessman running between Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong and Switzerland - Bouvier postponed all of their meetings after the call of Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev with the proposal to come to Monaco. Over the past 10 years Rybolovlev became one of its biggest customers, buying up the priceless masterpieces of art after a long bidding. However, in mid-2014, after the next transaction for the purchase of paintings by Mark Rothko "Purple, Green, Red," which is considered the main work of the artist, worth 140 million euros for fisholovleva and Bouvier any problems. Since September 2014, in connection with the unrestrained way of life of the Russian oligarch, this latter is not enough liquid assets to pay the balance of the blade.

Rybolovlev, until the demand from Bouvier to collect the best collection of paintings in the world, owed to his art dealer 40 million euros. Discussions between Bouvier and billionaire relatively long lasted about six months - and finally the Swiss was going to get the money after a meeting in Monaco.

Once Bouvier entered the doors of the building Belle Époque, where Dmitry Rybolovlev owns the most expensive apartments of the principality, a Bouvier came ten Monaco police, warned of the arrival of an art dealer Rybolovlev. "You're under arrest," - coolly, as if in a Hollywood film, said one of them, snapping the handcuffs on his wrists businessman. According to Bouvier, Rybolovlev not have the courage to meet and review the situation, and he chose to send the police. Bouvier said that, knowing the nature of the tycoon, is not surprised by such behavior.

beginningconductive collector

Yves Bouvier and Dmitry Rybolovlev met in 2002. The reason for dating, grew into a strong business alliance, served as a picture of Marc Chagall "Circus Maximus," which Dmitry Rybolovlev acquired through a friend of his wife and the godmother of his youngest daughter Anna Tanya Rapp.

"Dmitri asked me to find him art dealers. But I did not know the business, and the maximum that can - take it to the museum. However, once I introduced him to Simon de Pury, then he was the head of the auction house Phillips de Pury. But Dmitry peculiar character: De Pury he did not like. Then one day, when Rybolovlev bought a painting by Chagall, is stored in the free port of Geneva, we are all together for the first time met Yves Bouvier. He then helped Dmitri "- says Tanja Rappo, perfectly speak Russian.

Buying Chagall for 5 million euros was the first step of the Russian businessman in the field of fine arts high, confirms Bouvier: "My transport company provides transportation <Chagall paintings> in the free port of Geneva.There we met. Dmitry looked unimportant since learned that his painting is not a certificate of authenticity - an integral part of this sort of thing. He also learned that the picture in a few weeks it is necessary to borrow an Israeli museum for exhibition. In general, he was furious, constantly shouting: "I cheated!" Imagine the scene: in front of me is furious Russian oligarch, who I can help. "Calm down, I'll take care of this issue", - she said I did and explained all the steps you need to make when buying a painting, to protect themselves. It's kind of Due Diligence for works of art: paintings certification for its authenticity, its assessment of the state of, well, the main thing - check the history of ownership of the painting. " A week later, Bouvier managed to get the required certificate from the Chagall Committee in Paris, which made it possible to save his investment Rybolovlev.

Two days after that meeting Bouvier contacted Rapp and asked her to arrange a meeting with Rybolovlev. "Yves said to me:" Tanya, I find it difficult to meet with the Russian oligarch, but if you organizuesh <meeting> I will be grateful. " I reported this to Dmitry. He said: "Let come today!". "Such was the nature of their relationship. One would like to sell the paintings, the other - to buy "- adds Rapp.

Soon after the meeting Bouvier and Rybolovlev for paintings issues have become regular and Rappo acted in their relations communicator: Russian businessman did not possess foreign languages. "He was not satisfied with just pictures with high artistic value, he wanted to get better. "Yves, offers me only masterpieces!" - He said once, "- says Bouvier.

The first successful bid in 2003 proved to be a masterpiece of Van Gogh painting "Landscape with fields and olive tree", which has managed Dmitry Rybolovlev in 18 million euros. At the same time the parties have laid the future structure of cooperation: commercial company Bouvier MEI Invest, registered in Hong Kong, entered into a contract for the sale of paintings with Xitrans Accent and companies registered in the British Virgin Islands and owned by Cyprus Trusts The Domus Trust Rybolovlev. Addition between Pybolovlevym Bouvier and conclude agreements, under which the latter received 1-2% of the value of each painting as a payment for its transportation, insurance and guarantee of authenticity and ownership.

Over the next four years Rybolovlev bought 12 paintings worth a total of 122 million dollars and 263.5 million euros: the largest purchases were "Phare" by Paul Gauguin (54 million euros) and two huge "Water Lilies" by Claude Monet (46.5 million euros and 42 million euros). Bouvier, who had promised to repay Rappo of familiarity with Rybolovlev regularly and officially listed her great commission.

"Almost immediately after the first substantive discussion on the subject of masterpieces, Dmitry asked me to find him a" Water Lilies ", he really wanted them to have in the collection. The search took five years ", - says Bouvier.

During this time, Rybolovlev, apparently, became a real fan of pictures: his name began to sound more and more in the chronicle of the auction houses, and he in 2005 was appointed "consultant art" in his own company Xitrans. "It's quite symbolic - Provinceozglasit myself an expert in the field of fine art. But such is the essence of Dmitry - he considers that understands around you better, "- says Bouvier and recalls how the Russian businessman has become a track catalogs of auction houses and closely interact with the leaders of the arts and collectors museums.

At the same time, helping Rybolovlev explore the world of art and architecture, he Bouvier getting closer to Russia: in 2004 his company Art Culture Studio began to carry out the annual Salon of Fine Arts in Moscow, the Manege (Moscow World Fine Art Fair - an average of 60 000 visitors). "We worked with the Ministry of Culture and the Moscow mayor's office. We did a magnificent evening, which sought to reach not only the Russian elite, but also the West. In one of these evenings, after the next organizational difficulties (for ease of logistics, even then had to block Tverskaya Street), I carefully ran his eyes around the room and realized that I have never seen so many billionaires "- laughing Bouvier.

Many among the wealthy members of the evening later become clients Bouvier, but the most valuablem probably remained Rybolovlev. Their relationship then continued to the Swiss have become more intimate - Bouvier sometimes appeared at private receptions Rybolovlev, organized on the occasion of the birth of his and his daughter Catherine, a billionaire turned for advice to the Bouvier in the conservation of a work of art by the couple as part of divorce process.
Divorce and "competent representative government"

In October 2008, the then Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin insisted on carrying out an additional investigation of circumstances of the accident on one of Berezniki potash mines in 2006 - as a result of flooding of a few dozen people were injured.

"The aim should be to identify the degree of financial responsibility" Uralkali "for the accident at the mine" - said Sechin shortly after the issuance of a special government commission decision on the geological causes of the incident. By the time the capitalization of "BRIC" has amounted to US $ 35 billion, and it became apparent that Rybolovlev may lose control over the enterprise. ppx be under investigation Rybolovlev forced to transfer all his assets in trust management, and purchased the painting physically bring in "a safer jurisdiction ', it follows from the testimony Rybolovlev in the Supreme Court of Singapore (where the result and ended his paintings).

Two months later, Elena Rybolovlev filed a lawsuit in the court of Geneva on the beginning of divorce proceedings and demanded the division of property with her husband on a parity basis (court case file has as amended). In support of their claims Elena Rybolovlev said that may no longer be with the billionaire due to "the image of his life", because of which she had strong spiritual experiences. In the course of this litigation, the Supreme Court held in Singapore and the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, Dmitry Rybolovlev explained why changed the ownership structure of their property and places of storage of art objects.

From Rybolovlev testimony: "My assets, including" Uralkali "were in danger, since there was the possibility, characteristic of the Russian legal system: that the Russianauthorities will act at their own discretion, selective, and not in full compliance with the law. In fact, Elena knew that the movement of objects of art and furniture was triggered by a desire to ensure their safety due to some instability associated with Russia. No way, I was not trying to move the estimated marital property in Switzerland without her consent in order to "reduce the amount of marital property. Since the end of October 2008, I have been particularly concerned about developments in Russia. I was invited to a meeting with the Russian authorities to conduct a conversation about "Uralkali". The meeting, which took place on October 29, 2008, I was informed that the Russian authorities to reopen the investigation. "

Rybolovlev's words resonate with the testimony of his wife: "At that time he told me about the threats from the Russian government against the" Uralkali ", but check this information, I could not. I knew that Dmitri was the next day, 29 October 2008, to attend a meeting in Moscow with a certain Mr. Sechin, the competent representative of the Russian greatstruction. Dmitry went to the meeting, and after his return to Paris, where I was 30 October 2008, told me that the situation is serious, he can go to jail and risk losing their business. "

From the testimony of Dmitry Rybolovlev it follows that, fearing arrest his property in Switzerland as part of a possible prosecution in Russia, he decided to "move works of art in a more reliable jurisdiction - London and Singapore, proposed by Mr. Bouvier m".

According to Bouvier, he did provide advice Rybolovlev in the preservation of his paintings. "I helped. I have on this account in Cyprus once even had a conversation with him trustee of trusts - Andreas Neocleous. He offered the painting to hide in an underground bunker of his law firm, we are even discussing the possible security. But as a result Rybolovlev was afraid that the Cypriots will take away the picture, and they stayed in Singapore. "

Investments in the power

During 2010-2011, Dmitry Rybolovlev happily parted with "Uralkalit "rescued from the sale of 63% stake in the company to businessmen Suleiman Kerimov, Alexander Nesis and Filaret Galchev, according to some estimates, about 7-8 billion dollars.

Upon receipt of the first tranche of the major buyers Rybolovlev acquired a 10% stake in the largest Cypriot bank - Bank of Cyprus, by strengthening its ties with the representatives of the national government. "He could easily invite a dinner for President. Very often it is seen in the company of Rikkosom Erotokritou (former Attorney General of Cyprus, is now accused of taking bribes from Andreas Neocleus & Co. law firm for the unlawful criminal proceedings against the owners of the Russian JSC "Rosinka." - A.) " , - said the billionaire friend. "Dmitry immediately realized that the best investment - in power", - confirms Rappo.

At the same time strengthening its position in the Cyprus Rybolovlev I began to search for a profitable investment projects in Monaco by Belgian entrepreneur Willy De Brune. As if it is the latter arranged for the benefit of buying Rybolovlev in 2011, the football club "Monao "with the head of the principality - Prince Albert II.

Bouvier Rybolovlev agreed with the sale of his rare paintings "Water snakes II of" Gustav Klimt and the "Savior of the world" by Leonardo da Vinci. Two paintings of these artists Rybolovlev paid more than $ 300 million. Football in the box Rybolovlev at Louis II stadium, where the "Monaco" holds its home matches, meanwhile, began to appear all the lights of Monaco, including the head of HSBC Gerard Cohen and head of the principality of Justice Philippe Narmin services.

Luxury as a drug

Respect for the ruling elites Rybolovlev acquired in parallel with expensive real estate objects - in addition to the football club and the shares of the Cyprus bank he managed to buy Roma villas and apartments in the Belle Époque in Monaco (their total value amounted to EUR 380 million) mansion in Saint-Tropez (60 million euros ), Hollywood stars home of Will Smith in Hawaii (US $ 20 million), two islands in Greece which belonged to Aristotle Onassis (100 million euros), an island in Dubai ($ 50 million), the villa Donald Trump in Florida ($ 100 million), chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland (CHF 100 million) fromhammam (30 million Swiss francs) penthouses in New York ($ 100 million) and London mansion in Paris, yacht, aircraft AIRBUS 319 and Falcon et al.

According to Bouvier, sales of "BRIC" radically changed the behavior of Dmitry Rybolovlev, "He was breathing irregularly before luxury. But then <sales> it has reached the stage where a rich person becomes dependent on luxury. He wants the biggest house, very nice apartment, the longest yacht, the most prestigious art collection ... I can not say that I was pleased to observe such Dmitry, but also to take an adult with "needles" of this relationship, I could not. According to a real estate broker, Rybolovlev acquired in rent for 30 years in Belle Epoque apartment for 280 million euros. When dealing with a realtor Dmitry actually carried out his job of explaining to him why this apartment - the best and he'll have to buy it. Similarly, he seems to have acted, and when buying a penthouse in New York: Dmitry assured the seller representative that the layout and design of the apartment are wonderful, and the view from the window - perfect. After receiving thats opening, the seller is reasonable to put the highest price you paid Dmitry predictable. "

Leading a luxurious life, Rybolovlev absolutely no nostalgia for Russia, - Bouvier says, "When I was at the birthday of Dmitry in Hawaii, on the big screen, launched PHOTOS: he was surrounded by his companions, he was wearing a bulletproof vest, in the hands of his security Kalashnikovs . Dmitry gladly commented: "Here we are on the road. Ten minutes later, we will have a shootout. In general, not all the guests immediately realized that this was the feature of the Russian 90th -. Many have seen similar only in movies about the Wild West "

Go back never wanted in Russia Rybolovlev - continues the art dealer: "I once asked him:" You are a unique collection of paintings, but there it was not present. Show it to people "- and suggested starting with the exposition in Moscow. Dmitry, hearing of this, said sharply: "No, the Russian authorities have taken away all I have." This panic was not clear to me. "


February 25, 2014 Elena Rybolovlev arrived in Limassol. On the way outAircraft from Rybolovlev was arrested on suspicion of stealing from her husband a diamond ring. "I never thought that this is possible", - says Rappo, recalling that at the moment the spouses Rybolovlev has not yet issued a divorce and, as a consequence, do not specify the parameters of the division of property. Meanwhile, Elena Rybolovlev might qualify for half of her husband's condition, which was estimated at $ 8 billion - so their divorce could be the most expensive in history.

According to Tanya Rappo, immediately after the arrest of her friend she contacted Rybolovlev: "The fact that I was a living witness of how Dmitri gave his wife a ring for the alleged theft of which she was arrested. We have seen with Dmitry on his island Skorpios, he told me: "Tania, there are three places in the world where I can do what I want - Skorpios, Cyprus and Monaco. And I'm not going to pay $ 4 billion. "

Exactly a year after the arrest of his wife, February 25, 2015 in Monaco were detained Tanja Rappo and Yves Bouvier. The reason for their arrest was a joint application to the Attorney General of Monaco filed Accent Delight International Ltd and Xitrans Finance Ltd Rea familyolovlevyh. From statements that Yves Bouvier in 2004, misled family Rybolovlev sold them 37 paintings, unnecessarily inflating the cost by half - to 1 billion euros.

In his testimony, Mr. Rybolovlev said that he was "instructed Yves Bouvier to negotiate with the owners of art objects and transfer the entire amount of <Rybolovlev received from the> owners of the paintings; he <Bouvier> acted only as an intermediary family trust Rybolovlev Domus ». That Bouvier after acquiring paintings and sold them Xitrans Accent an order of magnitude more expensive Rybolovlev, in his words, found by chance - when I read the 2014 article in the New York Times. In this publication, in particular, reported that the purchase price MEI Invest Yves Bouvier Leonardo da Vinci's "Saviour of the world" could amount to 70-75 million dollars ", while Rybolovlev family paid for it 127 million dollars. Bouvier, in turn, argues that the tycoon about this for a long time knew. "In early 2013, Dmitri spent most of the examination of his collection, turned on the matter to an expert the Prince of Monaco. He could not have knowledgebe the cost of his paintings, but the Monegasque justice those documents, he did not submit. "

During the confrontation between Yves Bouvier and Dmitry Rybolovlev last he said that he was not aware of payments art dealer commissions in favor of Tanya Rappo Bouvier and that he "always perceived only as an agent, not the seller." Bouvier, in turn, drew attention to the contracts, which all the time were drawn up between the company and its structures Rybolovlev managed by its legal advisors. "In all the agreements I listed as" Seller ". When I sat in front of Dmitry, I could not believe his eyes and ears. In front of me sat a billionaire who was well aware that I have been a unique business, but at the same time, he pretended he did not know how much money I make. He seriously assured consequence that 1% or 2% of the value of the painting, which he paid for a few months after purchase - what little money for which I was prepared for years to look for him masterpieces and which also includes the cost of transport, insurance and guarantee the authenticity and ownershipspine, not to mention the costs associated with the search for the pictures that Dmitry eventually bought, and there were almost a hundred ", - said Bouvier. The same was repeated in his testimony Rappo, who did not have information on existing arrangements and Bouvier Rybolovlev, but she was sure: the billionaire understood that the art dealer - the seller of paintings, not a mediator.

However, Yves Bouvier was placed in a detention center before the trial on remand. The reason for this decision was a letter from the bank HSBC, reported that Bouvier had Rappo and shared access to the accounts of commercial property management companies. Thus, as a consequence considered it, Bouvier could use Monaco jurisdiction for money laundering, first in the league with Rappo make Rybolovlev purchased one or another picture, and then transfer to the joint account of the money that was paid for the purchase of real estate.

"That's absurd, I did not open the account", - was indignant Bouvier during interrogation, explaining that it is not forced to transactions Rybolovlev: "He asked for a picture. I sold it. I was not obliged to report the amount for which bought the painting. This market - a picture is worth as much as you pay for it. "

A few days later the court of Monaco ordered the release on bail of Yves Bouvier 10 million euros, and the police came again a letter from HSBC, where information about the presence of Bouvier named accounts inaccurate, saying that his name mixed up with the name of Rappo husband. "Presentation of a false document from the bank allowed to engage me in this matter and legally bind Bouvier deal with the jurisdiction of Monaco. This letter was signed by representatives of the bank, which suddenly all together accidentally made a mistake in the names of my husband, "- says Rapp. In Monaco overnight swept rumors about the signs of fabrication of a criminal case - in the principality of this have not happened.

Within a few months Rybolovlev has prepared a series of lawsuits in the courts of those jurisdictions, where he operates Yves Bouvier. One of them - filed in the Supreme Court of Singapore - initially proved effective: Bouvier asset value of 500 million euros, including free ports of Singapore and Luxembourg,yli seized. This was possible because in deciding to apply the so-called "Mareva injunction" - that is, a ban on any operations with property, imposed on the basis of the ongoing criminal investigation in another jurisdiction. However, the Court of Appeal of Singapore Rybolovlev demanded payment of $ 100 million as a guarantee for any possible damage. Bouvier said he intends to seek full compensation for losses it has already estimated at several billion.

A curious detail: the legal adviser Rybolovlev in Singapore court acted Richard Mullen, who has achieved liberation from prison Bedzhamova Monaco.

The appellate court decision to arrest Bouvier assets was canceled, but a blow to his business was already done. "Just imagine, from Rybolovlev this information <about the arrest of the assets> entered into all the world's banks and auction houses, which have always known me as an honest businessman. The turnover of my business in a day fell by 95%. I am ready to bring to court all of its customers, who say they were forced to stop with moh relations in connection with the onset of these events, "- says Bouvier.

He says he intends to not only restore the good name and money (including damages and interest), but also to prove that the last word for justice, not for Rybolovlev.

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