Arteev left his office because of the stadium and "Fontanka"

Another loud resignation in Smolny: the head of the construction committee Andrei Arteev is leaving his post.
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According to "Fontanka", his departure was caused by a number of reasons: the city management is displeased that the agency performs the worst budget in 2013, and "Zenith" stadium construction was resumed only in July. The last straw may have become the news by "Fontanka" that the Committee lost the case to the company owned by Arteev himself.

The information thee resignation of 45-year-old chairman of the building committee "Fontanka" confirmed by the  spokesman for Governor Andrey Kibitov. According to him, Georgy Poltavchenko has signed a statement with Andrei Arteev to resignate on his own will. However, the real reasons for the resignation, according to "Fontanka", do not exactly correspond to the wording.

Andrey Arteev was appointed head of the committee in October 2012, replacing Vyacheslav Semenenko - official of Valentina Matvienko's team. At that time, the agency has not mastered about 27 billion rubles from 39 billion, which were provided for in the Address investment program of the city budget. It was assumed that Arteev somehow straighten this depressing statisticaly, as well as prevent the recurrence of the problem in 2013. As a result, in 2012 the AIP Committee was performed only at 50%, which, however, it was difficult to incriminate Andrey Arteev.

However, it continues to demonstrate dismal performance in 2013 on the construction committee. On August 1 of only 5 billion spent 26 billion targeted investment program of 2013, or 19.5%. Even in 2012, August 1, the figures were better - 21%. At the same time the agency has not yet announced the results of several tenders worth several hundred million rubles, although they announced in March (for example, the construction of a polyclinic in Kolomyagi for 334 million rubles).

Dissatisfaction with city leaders also caused by the fact that the construction of the new stadium "Zenith" on Krestovsky, which this year will allocate 5.6 billion, was resumed only in July. Recall that the long delay in the work was caused by the need to carry out redesign, and then align the updated project expertise. However, in the Smolny believe that the examination could be completed ahead of time to the contractor to resume constructionnot in the middle of summer, and at its beginning.

In addition, according to the Fontanka's information, in the city government were unhappy that Andrew Arteev enough firmly defends Smolny policy towards developers, namely to allocate plots earmarked only for construction socially important objects, as in all other cases, give them to developers through bargaining. As told "Fontanka", construction companies massively suing the Committee, requiring compliance with the federal legislation, which clearly stipulates that any developer has the right to obtain land, if it is provided for the development of the General Plan. For this reason, the Arbitration Court took the side of the business, and recently one of these lawsuits spokesman said bailiffs - unprecedented in the history of capitalist Petersburg.

One of the companies, which leads battle with Smolny is LLC "Donk": builders trying to get the 15 plots at the intersection of Prospect Street and the Bolsheviks Kollontay for construction of a hotel and other facilities. And until the court takes the side of the business, rather thaninovnikov. The "Donk" is a group of "single solution", Chairman of the Board of Directors that Andrey Arteev was to go to the Smolny. "Fontanka" wrote about this trial August 8th. According to our information, this material personally met Georgy Poltavchenko.

We also add that Andrew Arta, which is considered a creature of the vice-governor Igor Divinsky not found a common language with the vice-governor for the construction of Marat Oganesyan, who came to the city government in the spring of 2013. And the interlocutors "Fontanka" in Smolny notice that Arteev's dismissal - a defeat of Igor Divinsky in combat hardware. At the same time the new head of the building committee, according to our magazine, is already a creature of Marat Oganesyan. Meanwhile, acting chairman takes the first deputy chairman Vladimir Maran.