Artem Avetisyan showed high patrons

Banker's ambitions can substitute presidential adviser Andrei Belousov.
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Artem Avetisyan continued to sue Baring Vostok, despite the ban on London arbitration. At the suit of his company, the Amur Court arrested the other day the shares of Vostochny Bank, which belonged to the Michael Calvi Foundation. The decision of the court deprives Baring Vostok of the opportunity to dispose of the shares and allows Avetisyan to quickly gain control over the bank, experts say.

What made the court to make such a decision is not known, since the case was considered in closed session. Representatives of the "Eastern" feared that during the meeting may be announced information that relates to a trade secret. And, perhaps, in the testimony just sounded "not the names"?

As is often the case, in any, even the most complicated case, there is a notorious red thread that can lead, if not to the clue itself, then at least to shed light on many essential circumstances. In the case of Baring Vostok, such a thread can become a little known to a wide audience company Lanit.

At the end of last year, the sisterly structure of this company, Lanit-Integration, participated in a tender for the purchase of computer equipment through the Department of Education and Science of Moscow and won the majority of 10 tenders for the supply of laptops for metropolitan schools. It would seem, nothing surprising: the company positions itself as one of the leaders of the Russian IT industry, and tirelessly publishes in the press reports about nominations in unknown, but prestigious awards and other similar achievements. In short, a respected company. Therefore, the decision of the city authorities to transfer a large order (4 billion rubles - no joke!) To such a highly reliable and professional contractor looks quite logical. But here's the bad luck - soon after the tender, information appeared about the threefold overpricing of computers, and the results of the bidding were canceled.

It would seem: it did not work out, it means it did not work out. Humble yourself. But at stake is profit - 2.8 billion. And the head of Lanita, Philip Gens, decides ... to sue and force the Moscow government to enter into terminated contracts with him on the same terms. That is, it is trying through court to extract what it was not possible to take quietly.

What makes a person act so shamelessly and brazenly? Where does this confidence that the scales tilt in his favor come from? Maybe because there is someone to influence the decision of Themis? Maybe the answer is simple, and the whole thing is in high protection?

The founder and sole owner of the company "Lanit" was George Gens, apparently, who was the classmate of presidential aide Andrei Belousov. Now the company is owned by Gens' son - Philip Gens, with whom Belousov also maintains friendly relations.

Apparently, the same “correct acquaintances” helped Lanita in the case of the Central Bank: the company was allocated 1.5 billion rubles to develop a promising payment system, but the bank soon terminated the contract unilaterally, while demanding back all the amount for some reason did not. It is not excluded that Belousov contributed here, who at one time, as it seems, likewise protected the Central Bank from Artem Avetisyan, who was accused of illegally withdrawing funds from Uniastrum Bank.

Belousov told about his close friendship with Avetisyan himself in an enchanting interview with Forbes magazine. Trying to disown the case of Baring Vostok, to which the presidential aide formally has nothing to do, Mr Belousov apparently got carried away and uttered too much. He frankly admitted not only that he was friends with Avetisyan, “this is my friend, we go to the mountains together,” but after the banker’s complaints about numerous checks by the Central Bank, he personally asked the Central Bank head Elvira Nabiullin “to control this story” .

If you follow Lanita's order book from open sources, it turns out that friendship with Belousov is not the only thing that links Gens and Avetisyan: the companies affiliated with them are intertwined with close business ties. For example, Uniastrum Bank, which is owned by Artem Avetisyan, has been cooperating with the Lanita subsidiary structure of APT Telecom-Communication Systems for many years (the company reported that it is upgrading the unified communications system for the bank). Another bank, whose co-owner, it seems, is Avetisyan, Vostochniy Commercial Bank, has also been actively using Lanita services: since 2006, the company has been introducing an electronic document management system in the bank.

The list of Gens and Avetisyan’s business contacts is not limited to this. Another “daughter” “Lanita” - the company “NORBIT” - automated the work of the call-center for NEO Center, one of the founders of which is also Artem Avetisyan. He is a member of the Directorate of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), for which “Lanit” in 2017-2018. developed an information system designed to organize and control target models. In addition, in July 2018, NORBIT completed a two-year comprehensive project for the implementation of the Region-ID information system in the ASI. At the end of 2018, Lanit reported that the company RusHydro had completed the transfer of the corporate document management system from the EMC Documentum platform to the Russian LanDocs platform. It is possible that the project was lobbied by none other than Avetisyan, who has been a member of the board of directors of RusHydro since 2015.

Considering the numerous testimonies, apparently, having a close business and friendly relationship between Belousov not only with Avetisyan, but also with the Gens family, we should probably expect new public speeches by the presidential aide this time about how he never helped Gens . In an interview with the Forbes magazine, which has already become the talk of the town, Belousov called on the Lord to be witnesses, citing for more convincing the Great Lent. By the next interview Post may end, but fortunately Easter will come, which will give Belousov's arguments even more convincing.