Artemy Lebedev filed a lawsuit against NTV because of the army veterans he had insulted

According to the Runet star, the television story that he called the soldiers cowards has nothing to do with reality.
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It all started with CNN's rating of 11 most ugly monuments of the world. The second line, according to the editorial board, took a monument to the heroes of the defenders of the Brest Fortress "Courage" in Belarus. Rating provoked a sharp reaction from the Russian authorities. The Russian Foreign Ministry called cynical and blasphemous monument such assessment. Chapter CNN Moscow bureau was called to the ministry in the conversation, and then apologized; later review and was completely removed from the CNN website.

I could not speak Lebedev. In early February, he published a recording of "City-coward ', in which, in addition to doubts about the architectural value of the monument in Brest, also spoke about the attitude to Russia in the Second World War monuments in general. He was confident that the country is too much of these monuments. Lebedev also said that the review of CNN humorous and that "it is necessary to separate flies from cutlets", "Separately - exploit people. Separately - the quality of the monument. "

"Monuments of the Great Patriotic War one another tasteless. Square decorated eternal fire - the apotheosis of the Brezhnev School of Architecture and urban degradation and lack of professionalism. Stele, standing in kaHouse area, terrible. Most importantly, the stele of conventional concrete *** immediately becomes sacred - it can neither move nor carry. Although in fact it is a piece of soulless opportunistic ***. But everyone is afraid to say this out loud, because "our grandfathers fought for us", - says the author of the Design Rights. It also gives a political assessment of what is happening in Brest before the war:

"Take Brest. Amazing city. Each age of two or three of the war, the city is constantly disrupted and destroyed. And lives. And here begins the second world. 1939. The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany signed an agreement on the division of Europe, according to which the piece takes us to Brest. Do not worry - it's we, the good red warriors, peaceful Soviet people. The city at that time was completely Polish. "

With the arrival of the Germans in June 1941, the residents leave the city continues Lebedev as "defend" home "quite willing", and to protect the Brest Fortress is a Soviet regiment.

"That's why Brest - not the hero-city (the only one of the hero-cities) and Fortress. This is an official of the leastContents: Brest - Fortress. Because the city of Brest - not a hero, but a coward, if you distribute evaluation ", - concluded the plaintiff.

The air Lebedev was accused that he was "ordered" soldiers

Provocative post caused a heated discussion, and after two and a half months, NTV ( "Gazprom" is monitored) released the plot of "Outraged veteran sues designer Artemy Lebedev," about a war veteran Stepan Kornauhove.

"On his page Lebedev called soldiers cowards, and the monument to the heroes who died defending their homeland - not only as a piece of concrete," - said in the story and the material on the channel's website. NTV lead plaintiff words: "How can you mock this memory? Mock? Blaspheme? Here are just a disgust for the man. And if he stood in front of my eyes - I would spit in his face, and nothing more. "

story author claims that "cynical positions to the veterans blogger publishes every year on the eve of May 9, thus, apparently trying to offend even more soldiers." Actor Sergei Nikonenko in the frame assumesthat the author or pay the money for the publication, or he is "a fool or a scoundrel."

How do I find "News", the statement of claim by the veteran in court has not yet been received, as well as a lawsuit by the Trade Union of Russian Citizens, which also announced its intention to punish the blogger in court. According to the head of the Moscow branch of the trade union Soslan Makieva, the organization changed its mind not to sue Lebedev and submit a claim in the near future.

Before going to court Lebedev demanded to refute the statement on NTV that he called the soldiers cowards, but the channel did not respond, it follows from the statement of claim.

- This information is not true, tarnished my honor, I did not use these words - quoted Lebedev sued in Presnensky court.

Lebedev-pecuniary damage estimated at 2 kopecks. Contact could not be with him: the designer has repeatedly stated that it does not talk to the press. NTV refused to comment, citing a policy not to comment on the channel proceedings pending a decision.

A favorite of the City Hall

39-year-old designp Lebedev owns a studio named after himself, among which "Gazprom" customers, Alfa-Bank, "Beeline", "Russian Standard", "Yandex" and other large customers. Lebedev Studio has developed a corporate identity for Moscow, Perm, Izhevsk, Saratov, Yaroslavl and others. The company has several thousand works: websites, books, magazines, signs, signs. Lebedev and have more large-scale projects. How to write "Izvestia", Moscow mayors attracted Lebedev as a subcontractor to build the concept of the appearance of the streets of the capital and beyond. Lebedev latest invention - a scientifically based correction Moscow metro logo. Recently, the State Duma deputy from the "Fair Russia" Mikhail Serdyuk asked the Prosecutor General's Office to check the feasibility of re-branding conducted Lebedev.

A blogger known for provocative statements, including the Second World War and sharp estimates, small skirmishes in social networks. In 2010, he impartially spoke about the vice-speaker of the Volgograd City Duma, which supported an initiative to ban Lebedev entrance to the city-geoh "because of the disrespectful remarks about the Great Patriotic War veterans." There are public quarrel web studio Lebedev with customers. Blog repeatedly tried to close for insulting the feelings of believers. In 2012, conflict commission LiveJournal in California complaints began Lebedev announced for their competition fotozhab "Pririsuy patriarch mustache." Another contest fotozhab provoked to go to court "Aeroflot". The occasion was angry about Lebedev post that airline employees have sold him a ticket worth almost 90 thousand. Rubles, after registration, in connection with what Lebedev could not take advantage of it. Announced he fotozhab contest for the logo of "Aeroflot". Statements and collages troubled company, and she appealed to the court, which later won - fotozhaby removed.