Artyom Avetisyan hasn’t sung a swan song to Vostochny jar yet

Co-owner of the bank "Vostochny" Artem Avetisyan at the end of 2018 filed a lawsuit in the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg for the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.
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The defendant is Nebokhod Media LLC, which owns the Moscow Post online edition. Avetisyan demands that two articles be removed from the site under the headings “Swan song of Vostochny Bank and Vostochny Bank lost guarantees!”. The publication plans to compensate for moral damage Avetisyan money and sign a settlement agreement, it follows from the court materials.

More details. Avetisyan appealed to the court at the end of 2018. The first meeting was scheduled for January 21 and rescheduled for January 25. On it, the representative of Avetisyan asked again to postpone the consideration of the case, explaining that the parties plan to sign a settlement agreement "in connection with the transfer of money by the defendant to pay off the principal amount of the debt." The amount of compensation is not specified. Alexey Kozlov, the editor-in-chief of The Moscow Post, told The Bell that he plans to reach an amicable settlement without cash payments, and his lawyer called this wording from the court materials a “technical error”. The press service of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, where Avetisyan holds the post of deputy head, did not answer the questions from The Bell. The bank "Vostochny" reported that they did not comment on the actions of shareholders. The next court session is scheduled for March 25.

The Moscow Post materials, disputed by Avetisyan, have not yet been removed from publication. They were published at the height of the corporate conflict around Vostochny Bank.

In the article “Swan song of the bank“ Vostochny ”the author is not indicated, but most of the article he asks questions like“ Is everything bad at the bank “Vostochny”? ”Or“ No one in Russia already believes the bank? ”.

The article “Bank“ Vostochny ”lost its guarantees!” States that the bank was allegedly deprived of the right to issue guarantees for the work of strategic Russian enterprises. The text uses such speech turns as "The bank is doing its best to prove that it is doing well" or "And not such banks broke in one day."

Since January 2018, two dozen articles on the “East” have been published on the Moscow Post website in a similar emotional coloring.

What is The Moscow Post. The Moscow Post is registered as online media, in addition, the project has a print newspaper registration. The publication is managed by Nebokhod Media LLC, which also includes UtroNews and Documents and Facts.

In the registration certificates of The Moscow Post, the former legal address of Nebokhod Media in St. Petersburg is listed as the editorial address: Liteyny pr., 51, letter A, room 14-H. There are 56 more companies registered, 18 of them are active. According to Rosreestr, a 14-H room measuring 12 square meters. m belongs to the company "Yurservice", which specializes in trading legal addresses.

Nebokhod-Media was registered in 2009, the company operates under the simplified taxation system and does not disclose financial indicators. According to SPARK for 2017, 3 people were employed in “Nebokhod-Media”, while the company paid 83 thousand rubles of insurance contributions to the Pension Fund, funds of compulsory health insurance and compulsory social insurance. Thus, the salaries of employees amounted to about 275 thousand rubles (based on the fact that the amount of these contributions is 30% of the payments made by the company, according to paragraph 1, Art. 421 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation).

The only advertisement placed on The Moscow Post website is the banner of the All-Russian Popular Front movement, the contact page of the advertising department does not work.

The owner of "Non-Media" is Alexey Kozlov. The last five years he has been living in Montenegro, Kozlov himself told in an interview with the Montenegrin bureau of Komsomolskaya Pravda in May 2018.

In 2017–2019, claims on protection of business reputation of Nebokhod Media, except for Avetisyan, were filed by Siberian Generating Company, Miratorg Holding, TransFin-M Leasing Company, Organic Organ Expert, a certification company, and Eurochem ", social service provider" SPP "and shareholder of AS Expobank Igor Kim.