As ex-senator Yuri Udalov bought himself the seat of the governor for one and a half million dollars

The former first deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Sergei Shlyakov, is accused of participating in the "sale" of the post of governor of the Yaroslavl region to the ex-senator.
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In the Khamovnichesky court of Moscow, the trial in the case of the former first deputy head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, Colonel General Sergei Shlyakov, went into a decisive stage. He is accused of participating in the “sale” to ex-Senator Yury Udalov of the seat of the governor of the Yaroslavl region. The victim himself testified in court, but his speech broke off at the most interesting place. When asked where the person who has dedicated his life to the civil service comes from, $ 1.5 million.

At the hearing, Yuri Udalov felt extremely confident, he even filed a civil lawsuit for damages to him - the money spent on the purchase of a post. What caused considerable surprise among the lawyers of the accused. The problem is that Udalov admitted that he paid a bribe for his appointment as governor. The Investigative Committee, which considered this material, refused to institute proceedings against Udalov - as a person who voluntarily admitted giving a bribe. However, this does not change the essence of history: according to the law, a bribe, if it were discovered, should be turned into state revenue. Immediately, the bribe-giver asks him to compensate for such unusual financial losses.

In his speech, Udalov said that after he lost his senatorial position, he needed to find some other state post. As a result, he managed to become an adviser to the head of the Ministry of Emergencies. However, according to Udalov, this place “weighed” him, and he was looking for an opportunity to take a major post. What he repeatedly told his colleagues, including Shlyakov. The latter undertook to help, and then brought him to a friend who supposedly could arrange for the appointment of a governor. When Udalov finished the story, the defendants' lawyers asked him where he had taken $ 1.5 million to buy the “chair” of the governor. However, Udalov did not have time to answer. The hearing was interrupted, they will resume after the end of the restrictions in connection with the pandemic.

According to investigators, in 2015, when Sergey Shlyakov served as deputy head of the Ministry of Emergencies, he was visited by an assistant to the head of the ministry, Yuri Udalov, and, as a fellow countryman, began to complain that work in the Ministry of Emergencies was “not his”. Like, he felt much more confident in his earlier positions as vice-governor of the Yaroslavl region and a senator from this region. He would very much like to become the governor of the Yaroslavl region, but for this there is not enough necessary support at the top, including at the level of law enforcement agencies. Shlyakov said that he couldn’t help himself, but recalled his neighbor in the dacha village of Yuri Kuznetsov. The general knew the latter (according to Kuznetsov himself) as a former employee of the 9th Directorate of the KGB of the USSR, and now vice president of the Vertical Special Forces Veterans Fund, led by ex-director of the SVR Sergey Lebedev. That is, they were the very siloviki whose Udalov complained about the lack of support. Shlyakov brought Kuznetsov and Udalov, what they agreed on, according to the general, he did not know.

According to the investigation, Kuznetsov, referring to his acquaintances in various departments, undertook to organize Udalova as the governor and asked for a very large amount. Both invited Shlyakov to attend the deal, as a witness to the transfer of money. The latter refused for a long time, because he did not know what his two acquaintances had actually agreed on, but then he could not resist their pressure. As a result, Udalov transferred 50 million rubles, and Kuznetsov wrote a receipt in their receipt. Further, Shlyakov was not interested in this story, even forgot about it, but then Udalov and Kuznetsov again turned to him. It happened in 2017. The men complained about each other. Udalov insisted that he had been deceived - for two years they had not organized a governor "chair". Kuznetsov said that it was Udalov who did not fulfill all the agreements, so the appointment did not take place. Shlyakova (as a person who knows both) was asked to resolve the dispute. He really did not like it.

In the summer of 2018, Shlyakov was arrested on charges of fraud in relation to Udalov. The general himself categorically denies blame. According to his version, he simply brought two acquaintances, and does not know what arrangements were between them. The general did not receive any money either. Two other detainees in the case, Kazartsev and Onishchenko, Shlyakov did not know at all.