As the matter stands, Rosneft

Mikhail Leontiev will become vice president of the oil company.

In the "Rosneft" will be the new Vice President of PR. Supervise external communications companies will be well-known journalist Mikhail Leontyev. At the same time, Mr. Leontiev retain their own projects: he will continue to lead the program "but" at the "First Channel", and to publish the magazine of the same name.

Starting January 13, adviser to the president of "Rosneft" in the rank of vice president of PR will be the journalist Mikhail Leontyev, told "Kommersant" sources close to the company, the government and the presidential administration. In the most "Rosneft" declined to comment. Mr. Leontyev told "Kommersant" that "so far there is no official information, to comment on anything does not make sense."

councilor and vice-president for PR in the "Rosneft" created by Mr. Leontiev. He will oversee the activities of the department of information and publicity. Currently, it is headed by the former chief editor of the REN TV channel Vladimir Tyulin, he is also the "Rosneft" press secretary. As their powers are redistributed, the interlocutors "b" do not know. Sources "Kommersant" said that between nezidentom state-owned companies, Igor Sechin and Mikhail Leontiev has a long "friendly relations." "Leontiev - known face, Igor likes to recruit such people", - said one of the interlocutors "b". In particular, for example, an integration committee "Rosneft", which was engaged in the absorption of TNK-BP, was part of the author of the cult book "Mining" Daniel Yergin. "Leontyev is known as a journalist, Igor is now picked up his PR with a great name, there were other candidates. But what will be the PR expert Mr. Leontiev - it is not clear ", - said one of the" Kommersant "interviewees.

Last year, one of the main targets for criticism in the programs Mikhail Leontiev was "Gazprom" and Chairman of the Board Alexei Miller. In his question during the "straight line" Vladimir Putin in April, Mr. Leontiev accused Mr Miller that the gas company ignores the "shale revolution", while "losing markets and capitalization."

Formally appointing top managers of the largest Companand the country does not require approval of the president's administration, but there is the arrival of Mikhail Leontiev in "Rosneft" aware. Close to the company source, "Kommersant" said that "such a level PR always agree, it is standard practice." "If Igor Ivanovich have confidence that Mikhail Leontyev will benefit the company, it is for this decision as the president of" Rosneft "and surety," - said a senior official of the presidential administration.

At the same time, Mikhail Leontyev continue to practice journalism, according to sources, "b": he will lead the program "but" at the "First Channel", which is published twice a week. The press service of the channel this information "b" is officially confirmed. "There is nothing unusual in such a combination is not, as often happens. Combining hard considering the total work style of "Rosneft", but it is quite possible, "- said one of the" Kommersant "interviewees. According to "Kommersant", the question of the continuation of Mr. Leontiev career in television was fundamental. "In particular it was discussed at the departmenttion meeting with Igor Sechin, CEO of "First Channel" Konstantin Ernst, which took place before the New Year, "- said one of the" Kommersant "interviewees. In addition, Mikhail Leontyev continue to publish its own magazine "However". He is also the author of the transmission on the radio "Mayak", yet nothing is known about her future.

Some interlocutors "Kommersant" believes Mr. Leontiev coming to "Rosneft" may indicate a state-owned company plans to create their own media holding. However, the sources of "Kommersant", close to it, it is refuted. "It is not necessary to the company, it is engaged in oil and gas production", - said one of the "Kommersant" interviewees.