Ashgabat ran out of money

Implementation of a grand Belarusian-Turkmen project could be derailed.
The financial crisis intensified in Turkmenistan. Under the threat of failure has appeared Garlyk start mining and processing enterprise (GOK), scheduled for March 2017. Workers' wages are not paid for several months, including Belarus. Minsk, responsible for the construction, expressed concern about the failure to comply with the Turkmen side commitments. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to clarify the situation, visited the Lebap velayat (region) where the GOK.

Ashgabat is necessary to take urgent measures to ensure the successful completion of the Garlyk mining and processing plant. This was held on the eve of a meeting with the Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Belarus Nazarguly Shagulyev chairman of the Republic of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich Council. Belarusian company "Belgorkhimprom" back in 2010 awarded a contract to design and build GOK worth more than $ 1 billion. Myasnikovich, according to information of the press service of the Council, personally oversees the Belarusian-Turkmen project.

The Turkmen side, according to the agreements shouldbespechivaet finance the construction. Today, however, there is no money in Ashgabat. And not only on construction work, but also for the salary. The general contractor of construction of mine "Belgorkhimprom" for the third month will not pay wages to their employees. As local experts, as well as Belarus. According to the official version, according to the resource "Alternative news Turkmenistan" (ANT), the Belarusian company "exhausted financial limit."

Myasnikovich expressed extreme concern at the continuing failure of the Turkmen side assumed by financial and other obligations under the implementation of the project. He also noted that under-funding, as well as the numerous obstacles, including subjective faced by Belarusian builders have a negative impact on the implementation of the project.

This among other things is also about violations by Ashgabat's employment contract. As the ant, people are forced to work for 12-16 hours a day, instead of the 8 hours. One of the workers on condition of anonymity said thatausterity affects the travel payments Belarusian specialists. In particular, according to the contract, Belarusians work in shifts for two months, but in fact remain in Turkmenistan for three months. At the same time travel are paid only for a month of work. Disadvantages delivers and that the Turkmen side issue visas for only one month, in connection with which the Belarusian specialists have to regularly travel to neighboring Uzbekistan to cross the border and to obtain another visa.

Yesterday, President Berdimuhamedov has urgently left in Turkmenabat - the administrative center of Lebap province, where the mine is being built Garlyk. Experts do not rule out that the fly's head of local officials on the results of inspections. But this money from the treasury will not increase.

"Azattyk" - the Turkmen service of Radio "Liberty" reports on the mass of wage arrears for two or three months before the workers of the gas sector, the police, teachers, doctors Dashoguz, Balkan, Mary provinces. People complain that they have not been paid for three months. Those who have sobe ordered payroll cards can remove the bank no more than AZN 100 (at the official rate - $ 28.). Employees of the bank offer to wait - no cash. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that part of the salary is rumored to have promised to issue bonds home loan. The bond issue will be carried out as an additional source of income funds in the revenue part of the 2016 budget year.

Website "Chronicles of Turkmenistan" reported a decrease in the number of branches. Strict exclusion from work is in the State of the railway company. According to available information, by the end of the year will be reduced about 30% of employees. This occurs in less than two years after the opening of the highly publicized railway North-South connecting Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran, which was to promote the growth of trade and to provide Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan access to ports in the Persian Gulf.

Among the countermeasures taken by the authorities, the restriction of foreign currency operations both individuals and legal entities. But the "restriction" - it is the official interpretation, in factBMENA manat to the US dollar is possible theoretically and in an amount not exceeding 60% of the monthly income. It is also impossible to carry out bank transfers abroad. Turkmen businessmen working with foreign partners, are forced to stop all transactions.

On the difficult financial situation say the queue for flour and cancellation free access to water, electricity and gas. Rates are still very low, but they can quickly jump if authorities will pursue the course of the complete abolition of subsidies. Since the time of Turkmenbashi benefits enjoyed by citizens of Turkmenistan, considered the greatest achievement of independence. Experts point out that the cause of the economic crisis was the excessive dependence of Turkmenistan on oil and gas exports.