Assets of Fininvest went into fictitious transactions

The bankrupt bank's management has been detained. 
In St. Petersburg detained ex-chairman of the Board of Directors of LLC "Bank" Fininvest "" Valentine Landgraf and chairman of the board of the same bank Natalia Gromova, who police suspect in the theft of nearly 1 billion rubles. For this purpose, according to investigators, the suspects organized a sale of bank assets, including Treasury bonds and bank office building, while they themselves were given deliberately bad loans.

In late December 2014 the police a statement about the theft of the securities owned by the "Fininvest", turned his bankruptcy trustee from DIA. The representative of the interim administration has seen in the actions of the former management of the bank of a crime under Art. 160 of the Criminal Code (embezzlement). After checking the Central Investigation Office (CSO) Research Affairs of Russia in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region opened a criminal case in March this year. However, for fraud in a large scale (para. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code). Even a temporary bank administration statement concerning the theft of property was considered the result in April: when investigators initiated another criminal case on at. 159 of the Criminal Code. All cases were combined into one case, and the investigation period has been extended until 2 July.

Day June 1, investigators and detectives raided the office of "Fininvest", as well as a number of former top managers of the bank. According to the Regional Directorate of the MOI of Russia for their results have been detained ex-chairman Valentin Landgraf Bank Board of Directors and former Chairman of the Board Natalya Gromova, who were later questioned in a criminal case on the withdrawal of the bank's assets. According to investigators, in the summer of 2013 the bank issued a non-refundable loan of 487 million rubles. In October 2013, "Fininvest" has concluded with a commercial structure of the contract for the sale of 156 thousand. Treasury bonds, which cost more than a consequence of estimated 162 million rubles. However, the buyer is not transferred money to the bank for securities. Another episode occurred, according to GUS, in fact the day before revocation of the license in July 2014. The Bank has concluded an agreement for the sale of the office building, which, according to preliminary data, located on Vasilevsky Island, a natural person. But then, as claimed by the police, "it was simulated the introduction of monetarys assets in the bank's cash in the amount of 307 million rubles. to conceal the gratuitousness of the transaction. "After that, the buyer registers the ownership of this building. In total, how to calculate a result, the former management" Fininvest "was damaged in the amount of about 1 billion rubles.

Contact with representatives of the masters of the Landgrave and Thunder "Y" failed. According to unofficial information, the investigation plans to ask the court to the arrest of suspects. However, in SU Russian Interior Ministry does not comment on this information.

In this case it is possible that the number of episodes in a criminal case can be increased. Now the bankruptcy trustee is checked bankruptcy circumstances "Fininvest".

The license of the bank "Fininvest" has been revoked by the Central Bank in June 2014, and in August the decision of the arbitration court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region a credit institution has been declared bankrupt. According to ACB, the right to a refund of the contributions received about 25 thousand. Man, the total amount of 10.7 billion rubles. Market participants attributed the bank with the group company "City", against which, in mthis year AU had opened a criminal investigation into the theft of funds holders. According to the database "Kommersant Card Index", the owners of LLC "Bank Fininvest" are the company "Fininvest" and LLC "Capital". The owners of the company "Fininvest" act LLC "Capital" and JSC "Capital Fininvest". CEO and owner of the last acts of CJSC Maxim Vanchugov. In turn, the company "GK" City "," belongs to JSC "Perspective" and Ruslan Vanchugov. He is the CEO and owner of CJSC "Perspective". Lord Vanchugov are brothers Vanchugov Roman, who is the deputy of the State Duma and head of the regional branch of the party "Fair Russia" in the Leningrad region.

Involvement in "Fininvest" in the group of companies "City" deny. Former General Director of LLC "GC" City "," Dmitry Bryzgalin said "Kommersant" that the company has nothing to do with the bank and its accounts were opened in other credit institutions.