At the races in Slovakia, a Russian businessman was detained

In Slovakia, under the Russian international warrant, the former director general of Midland Development, Valentin Vinogradov, was detained. Before the trial, which will solve the issue of extradition, he was taken into custody. In Russia, he is accused of fraud.
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The national criminal agency of Slovakia detained Russian businessman Valentin Vinogradov. This was announced by RBC official representative of the Russian Embassy in Slovakia Vladislav Kulikov.

"He was detained on an international warrant, which was issued by Russia. On July 24, a message came from the Trnava region prosecutor's office, which confirmed the fact of the detention of citizen Vinogradov. The report contained information that he was detained for 40 days in accordance with the provisions of the extradition convention. As far as we know, Vinogradov was detained in Komarno in the south of Slovakia at the event. There were no complaints about the content. The embassy is in contact with the relatives of citizen Vinogradov, "Vladislav Kulikov told RBC.

Earlier, the detention of Vinogradov was reported by the Slovak edition of The Slovak Spectator with reference to the publication of Denník N. The publication specifies that Vinogradov was detained at the races. The same article on Vinogradov refers to the publication Tasr.

The Russian authorities accuse Vinogradov of fraud with real estate, which occurred between 2007 and 2009, they write publications. The publication specifies that at present Vinogradov is in pre-trial detention, and the case will be considered by the Slovak prosecutor's office immediately after Russia passes the materials on the case. According to the publication, the case was opened on the complaint of Russian-Canadian businessman Alex Schneider, who is a co-founder of Midland Resources Holding Limited and his former partner in the Midland Group, Ukrainian businessman Eduard Shifrin.

Vinogradov had a "business dispute" with them, the newspaper writes. Vinogradov himself allegedly stated that the action for which he was being persecuted was not a crime in Slovakia.

As the newspaper Kommersant wrote in 2009, Valentin Vinogradov was the general director of Midland Development. Midland Development, according to the publication, planned to build in Russia and Ukraine almost 1 million square meters. m offices and shopping centers under the brand Strip Mall, as well as 600 thousand square meters. m hotels and housing. But due to lack of funding in March 2009, the developer announced the freeze of projects.

According to SPARK, Valentin Vasilievich Vinogradov was the general director of Midland Development LLC from October 15, 2004 to February 4, 2016. A person with the same name, patronymic and surname is listed as a beneficiary of OOO "Profinvest Holding" with a 60% stake, which also deals with real estate. The company was registered on December 13, 2013.