Auditor Loss offended Tereshkova's daughter

Elena Loss was put on the wanted list for fraud.
As it became known to Kommersant, the well-known Russian auditor Elena Loss was put on the wanted list on charges of especially large-scale fraud. Her company, RSM-Rus, serves Rostec, Russian Post, Rosseti and other large structures. According to the TFR, Elena Tereshkova, the daughter of the first woman-cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova and Senator Dmitry Savelyev, suffered from the actions of Mrs. Loss and other defendants. The auditor tried to steal from them the Pharmservice company, which owns the rights to large innovative developments of sorbed probiotics, as well as the trademarks of the most popular products, including Bifidoc.

The criminal case against the owner of the audit company RSM Rus and the International Center for Best Practices in Internal Control and Risk Management is being investigated by the Main Investigation Department of the ICR in Moscow. It was initiated, according to Kommersant, after checking the appeal of Mrs. Loss's former partners - Elena Tereshkova and Senator from the Tula Region Dmitry Savelyev, who were recognized as victims.

In the materials of the investigation, there are two episodes - about fraud on an especially large scale (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code) and an attempt on the same fraud (part 3 of article 30, part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code).

According to the investigators, having been appointed advisor to the general director of Probiopharm since March 16, 2020, and since February 1, 2021, having occupied the same position in the Pharmservice society, Elena Loss took full control of them, as well as those associated with them Avan LLC. As Kommersant previously reported, these companies got the assets of one of the largest Russian producers of probiotics, JSC Partner.

Pharmservice has acquired 30 of Partner's trademarks, including the rights to its latest probiotic developments and the most popular products, including the well-known Bifidoc. And "Probiopharm", which was the sole owner of "Farmservice", in turn got the production lines and real estate of "Partner", in particular the laboratory complex and a large land plot in the Moscow region. The Avan company, in this connection, was the ultimate profit center, selling probiotics to consumers together with Pharmservice.

At the beginning of 2021, Ms. Loss, according to the investigation, also developed a plan to acquire 100% of the shares of Pharmservice LLC.

Its performers, according to the ICR, were the old acquaintances of the auditor - the general director of Probiopharma Liya Muradova and the head of Pharmservice Konstantin Belyaev.

In March of this year, with the help of the appraiser Anna Bashkir, Ms. Loss and her accomplices, the investigation believes, received a fictitious act of appraisal of Pharmeservice's assets. According to him, the assets of the company were worth only 470 thousand rubles, although the case materials are estimated at 313 million rubles.

In the future, the investigation believes, having an appraisal act in her hands, Elena Loss received consent from Liya Muradova to sell the shares of Farmeservice at the price indicated in it. After that, the transaction for the transfer of ownership in the amount of 470 thousand rubles. was carried out and registered with the 46th Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Moscow.

However, Messrs. Tereshkova and Savelyev accidentally discovered new owners of their business, hurrying to contact the law enforcement agencies.

The second episode of the case, according to Kommersant, is a fraud involving the purchase of equipment for filling capsules from the well-known company Aktive for the needs of the same companies. Moreover, the money for the transaction in the amount of € 336 thousand was allocated by the state Russian Fund for Technological Development. But in the end, the investigation found out, the transaction did not go through directly, but through the Swiss firm Benevent Trading, which is controlled by Mrs. Loss, which led to an increase in the cost of equipment by 5.7 million rubles.

As a result, the total damage from the actions of the auditor is estimated by the TFR at almost 320 million rubles.

The auditor and her closest assistant, Liya Muradova, fled from the investigation and were put on the wanted list. Another accomplice, Konstantin Belyaev, as reported by Kommersant, was arrested - recently the Presnensky District Court extended his term of detention. The Pharmservice company is in a state of bankruptcy.

It should be noted that Elena Loss is a well-known Russian auditor. Her company "RSM-Rus" is one of the ten largest audit firms. The firm's clients include Rosneft, Russian Post, Rosseti and Almaz-Antey, and large government agencies. Also, Ms. Loss, together with the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation and PJSC Rosneft, is a co-owner of the International Center for Best Practices in Internal Control and Risk Management.

Kommersant was unable to get comments from the representatives of RSM-Rus and Mrs. Loss. The victims in the criminal case were also unavailable for comment. The former owner of "Partner" Igor Vainshtok, himself being wanted, learned about the investigation from Kommersant, but stressed that "this situation (with a new investigation -" Kommersant ") is quite predictable."