Auditors caught Rosaviation out in inefficient use of funds

The audit addressed the Prosecutor General with a request to bring to justice those responsible for the failure of the program of modernization of air traffic management.
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Collegium of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation under the chairmanship of Tatiana Golikova reviewed the results of the control activities "Checking the targeted and efficient use of federal budget funds allocated for the implementation of federal program" Modernization of the Russian Unified System of Air Traffic Management (ATM EU) (2009-2020). " As shown by monitoring activities, Federal Air Transport Agency were not achieved planned values ​​of a number of indicators of the program - such as the timing of its implementation, the number of entered objects, the effectiveness of budget investments.

In addition, critics have subordinated to the Federal Air Transport Agency State Corporation for Air Traffic Management (ATM) for questionable spending, and the only supplier of goods, works and services under the program - Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" - for low-quality execution of contracts. For all violations of the Accounting Chamber appealed to the Prosecutor General's Office to conduct supervisory activities and to consider bringing the guilty officials to the statutory responsibility.

The modernization program, approved by the RF Government Decree of 1 September 2008 number 652, provides for the modernization of air navigation infrastructure measures, the introduction of advanced ground-based, airborne and space-based facilities and air navigation systems, technologies of meteorological support, creation of a unified system of search and rescue and other measures.

The materials of the report noted that earlier in 2013 due to the inefficient operation of the program of the end of the term of its already postponed from 2015 to 2020 were also transferred, and time frames for achieving the planned values.

In spite of this, as shown by the last check of the Accounting Chamber, has not yet been put into operation any of the 20 scheduled for today, the core network nodes, the digital network of integrated fixed-line telephony. Automated receiving and transmitting centers of only 55 of the planned 29 introduced two aviation search and rescue centers in operation do not enter any.

From 2011 until the first half of 2014 the program was sent to 10 billion rubles (2.7 billion - federalbudget, 6.3 billion - extra-budgetary funds). The main source of extrabudgetary funds become aeronautical charges.

The Audit Chamber has determined that the execution of the federal budget for the implementation of the program organized by the Federal Air Transport Agency at a low level. A failure at the targets of the modernization program Rosaviation itself advocated budget cuts.

In December 2013 by the suggestion of Federal Air Transport Agency approved budget allocation was reduced by 429.2 million rubles, or 38%. Thus, during 2013, a significant portion of the funds originally allocated for the implementation of program activities, has not been used. The same thing happened in 2014, in which the total amount of budgetary allocations (894.6 million rubles) in June has been reduced by 310 million rubles, or 34.7%. Of the remaining 584.6 million rubles as of November 1, 2014 Federal Air Transport Agency used only 32.9 million rubles, or 5.6%.

According to the Accounting Chamber, in November-December 2014 budget allocation reduced by 464.9 million rubles, or 79.5%. At the end of 2014 the execution was 79.1 mlrubles.

As noted in the report, as a result of a significant portion of the financial resources allocated to implementation of the Federal Air Transport Agency program activities during the year it was almost frozen, not used as intended and can not be reallocated for other purposes. So what causes delayed and incomplete implementation of the program activities is not in failure, resource support, and the organization of work.

Advisor to the head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Sergei Isvolsky told "Izvestia" that the existing problems related to the difficulties of the implementation of very complex orders implemented in the framework of the modernization of the Unified Air Traffic Management System. The main blame for the untimely implementation of the program in the Federal Air Transport Agency laid on Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey".

- Federal Air Transport Agency and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State ATM Corporation" for the entire period of the execution state of the EU ATM modernization program is actively working to accelerate the pace of work, provided contracts by contractors. However, untimelythe water in the commissioning of new facilities and the failure to use funds relate primarily to the slowness of the contractor - JSC "Concern PVO" Almaz-Antey ", - explained Isvolsky. - PVO "Almaz-Antey" (currently - Concern Aerospace Defense) specializes mainly it is on military products and does not have sufficient experience in the creation of complex systems of air traffic services, which should be constructed on the basis of standards of International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO). Moreover, the recent concern expressed sharp increase - almost 40% - of all equipment to be installed in the program implementation.

As Isvolsky explained sluggishness concern compels Federal Air Transport Agency, following the instructions of the Accounting Chamber, in a timely manner to reallocate funds to other objects, followed by reduction of funding in future years, as provided by law. In this case, the misuse of funds for the modernization of the Unified System of Air motiontions of the Accounting Chamber have been identified.

It was noted in audit materials that "Almaz-Antey", a specific decree of the President the sole supplier of goods, works and services under the program, I did not cope with the duty entrusted to him, and the implementation of a large part of the contracts concluded with the concern both with a single supplier, actually carried out subcontractors. Commitment to the development of design estimates concern performed late and poorly.

This Rosaviation claims and claims in connection with defective development of design documentation for a General did not show, although in some cases, as noted in the report, the company refused to perform work on the design and estimate documentation, which he himself had developed. In particular, in 2010 Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" practically refused to perform construction and installation work on the facilities of the Unified Air Traffic Management System.

The press service of Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" to "News" reported that in 2014 expertsthe center of the design of air navigation facilities Group has done a lot of work in the framework of the EU ATM modernization program.

- Concern received a positive opinion FAA "Glavgosexpertiza Russia" on the project documentation and engineering survey results for 14 objects and to verify the authenticity of the estimated cost for the five objects. Of particular note is the work in St. Petersburg, - said the "Almaz-Anthea."

The report concludes that the effectiveness of the use of funds allocated for the implementation of the program was reduced because of the lack of proper integration in the timing of the implementation of measures. Thus, the cost of the annual balance of equipment, acquired at the expense of budget funds, which are not exported from the warehouses of suppliers and producers to be deposited, exceeded 500 million rubles, and as of January 1, 2013 - 909 million rubles. In this case the equipment is not transported from the warehouses of 8 months to 4 years, which leads to a reduction in the warranty period of its use.

The greatest criticism on the part of the auditors under theYSLU Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Corporation for Air Traffic Management in the Russian Federation", part of the structure of the Federal Air Transport Agency.

According to the results of the audit, the state corporation admitted unreasonable costs that are actually caused damage to the company in the amount of 105.3 million rubles. There were two cases (one for 49.4 million rubles, the other - by 55.9 million rubles), where guarantee contracts have been concluded on the terms on which the guarantor to recover from the funds is not possible. As a result of advances paid to the contractor not worked out and not returned. Sam the contractor is declared bankrupt, and the surety is excluded from the register of legal entities.

In addition, the tender procedures in the framework of the program were carried out in violation of the law on public procurement, which created the preconditions of corruption risks.

During the period audited by the State Corporation paid for legal services, which duplicate the functions of the Company, in the amount of 472.5 million rubles, and the part of the services provided for the benefit of Federal Air Transport Agency, Ministry of Transport and "Aeroflot".

Deputy Director of International Cooperation and Protocol - press secretaryFederal State Unitary Enterprise "State Corporation for Air Traffic Management" Nikolai Ivashov refused kommentirovit claims of the Accounting Chamber.

Director General of the Association of the airports of Russia and CIS civil aviation Viktor Gorbachev said that even in the metropolitan area, which for obvious reasons is given special attention, you can discover a lot of problems with the organization of air traffic.

- To understand the importance of this program, you need to know that civil aviation is composed of three parts: airlines, airports and air traffic control. And imagine that the third component is absent or simply very bad work. It may affect the whole industry. But, unfortunately, the air traffic control system have lagged tremendously, - he said. - Have 4-5 years we can not reform it, even on the Moscow level, whereas here in the greatest load dispatching service. If the normal load manager must keep no more than 4-5 cars in the air, they are over now 10. In the meantime, increased Obemy transportation, flight intensity, to the safety requirements should be increased.

Victor Gorbachev said that the Moscow Control Centre was built, but according to him, is not equipped with equipment, existing equipment does not break in, redundant systems built and now operates the system that has been built for the Olympics-80.

- Moscow needs this update more than others because of their workload: four airports, Ramenskoye, Zhukovsky military airfields within a radius of 100 km. Capital serves more than 50% of all Russian passenger flow. Domodedovo - 32 million passengers, Sheremetyevo - 30 million, Vnukovo - 8 million, but even if it is not engaged, you can imagine that in other cities of Russia, -. He said. - Therefore, if the Accounting Chamber found such egregious violations, from the Prosecutor General's Office has to be followed by real action against not only the Federal Air Transport Agency, but all the agencies that oversee the matter and ignoring the cover of execution of the program.