Austria decided to give Russia "butcher" Aslan Gagiyev

Lawyers of the criminal authority, accused of organizing 60 murders, insist on his aerophobia in a severe degree.
The Supreme Court of Austria removed the last obstacle to the extradition to Russia of the criminal authority of Aslan Gagiyev (Djako), accused of organizing 60 murders. Protection of Jaco expected that the previously approved petition of the Prosecutor General's Office for his extradition would be returned to the court of first instance for a new trial. Now the law enforcement agencies of Russia and Austria must decide how to deliver to Moscow an accused person suffering from severe aerophobia.

Protection of Aslan Gagiyev, appealed to the Supreme Court, demanded that the decision previously taken by the Vienna Regional Court for the extradition of "authority" to Russia be repealed, and that the relevant request of the Prosecutor General's Office be returned to the first instance court for further consideration. As arguments, mistakes were made, allegedly committed by the courts. In addition, lawyers referred to the fact that Jaco suffers from aerophobia - last year due to illness he was practically removed from the aircraft, which was supposed to bring "authority" to Moscow.

The Austrian Supreme Court dismissed the complaints, noting that all the circumstances indicated in them had already been examined by the courts. The issue with the disease was decided to be considered at a separate hearing, but, according to Kommersant sources in law enforcement agencies, this time aerophobia should not prevent its extradition. Law enforcement officers are ready to deliver the extradited by train or truck.

As Kommersant's source noted, the return of the case to the second round could delay the solution of the issue of Jaco's extradition for another 1.5-2 years. During this time, Aslan Gagiyev's defense could apply to the European Court of Human Rights with a demand to veto its extradition. After that, extradition could be suspended for an indefinite period.

At the same time, it should be noted that in Moscow in the SIZO Aslan Gagiyev is already waiting for his right hand Arthur Dzhioev, who acted as the organizer of the majority of crimes "criminalized" by the criminal community. Mr. Dzhioev, who was extradited to Greece by Greece, the main investigation department of the TF for the North Caucasus Federal District has already filed an official charge. The "authority" refused to recognize his guilt in numerous murders. At the same time, the accused believed that Jaco had solved all his problems in Austria and would soon be at large.

Aslan Gagiev, we recall, was detained in Vienna in January 2015. Subsequently, he was released on bail, but then again taken into custody. CSD SKR in the NCFD in absentia accuses him of involvement in 60 murders. Among the victims of the FSO organized by Aslan Gagiyev, the owner of Sodbiznesbank and the bank Kredittrust, Alexander Slesarev, who was shot with his family members, the owner of the National Capital bank Dmitry Plytnik, the chairman of the board of the Kutuzovsky bank Oleg Novoselsky and the deputy director of OJSC Finance Leasing Company "Andrei Burlakov. Most of the perpetrators of these and other murders, attributed to the guilt of the OPS, have already been convicted.