AvtoVAZ terror

The largest producer of cars in Russia, much like the objects of the Sochi Olympics, requires billions of dollars of additional investments.
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But in contrast to the winter games, AvtoVAZ does not bring neither victory nor joy. At the end of 2013 the company incurred losses of 7 billion! Note that in 2009 AvtoVAZ loss amounted to 14 billion rubles. The problem is that 25% owned by the state (Rostekhnologii), and in many respects subsidies are from the Russian budget (taxpayers' pockets) and state-owned banks. So if you see somewhere Lada Priora, then some of it is paid by you.

JSC "AVTOVAZ" suffered losses at the end of 2013 in the amount of 6.899 billion rubles. The company actually exists only at the expense of loans, "Vnesheconombank". In 2013, the domestic producer took a loan of $ 25 billion for 10 years. The agreed amount of the loan from the "Vnesheconombank" is 60 billion rubles till 2020. Which means, in case of further reduction in the sales and growth of losses AvtoVAZ will still seven years to maintain production at the expense of new loans from state-controlled bank, and then the "effective manager" sell objects belonging to the company.

Just wildness to maintain inefficient enterpriseie, 25% of which belongs to the French general concern Reno.

All the hopelessness of the Russian "tazovoza" can be understood in comparison. In 2012, the Chinese bought almost 100% (GM - blocked purchase) shares of the famous Swedish manufacturer Saab vehicles for € 100 million (4.2 billion rubles). Those. all technologies, plants, modern concepts and reputable Swedish brand is priced at half the debt of AvtoVAZ for 2013 !!! In 2006, the famous British car brand - Rover was sold for 11 million pounds (20 million dollars) the Chinese company Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corporation. Plant development and all were taken to 400 containers in China.

Why have a devilish growth on the Russian economic body in the form of AvtoVAZ, if only for half the debt in one year you can buy a high-tech company and bring it to Russia, together with experts and development, as did the Chinese. Subsidizing AvtoVAZ more like a scheme for the "cut". Several sotsialnootvetstvennyh inhabitants say, "And the workers?" But the workers are cutting ...

The main thing is the word optimization - reducing the range "tazovoza" (AvtoVAZ), reduction of 2500 workers and an additional reduction (if needed, and they need) called "natural movement of personnel."

It should be noted that after accession to the WTO Russia's automobile companies are required to pay recycling. An estimated AvtoVAZ management, the amount of the recycling fee for 2014It will be about 13 billion rubles.

As sometimes written on the walls: "God burn, there is nothing to save!", It would be good to write on the walls of factories AvtoVAZ. To the workers were in business need to abolish tariffs on components, which greatly stimulate the growth of assembly plants and reduce the cost of the cost of cars. And if you want a domestic, high-quality vehicle, it is not necessary to reproduce the model '80s (2107 was produced from 1984 to 2012!), You must do as the Chinese with Rover or Indians with Ssang Yong (in 2010 70% of SsangYong were purchased by Indian company Mahindra & Mahindra for 463 million dollars).