Azerbaijani business has lost its power

The ethnic commerce in St. Petersburg was undermined by the arrest of three natives of Azerbaijan.
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The underground factory for the supply of labor in the catering facilities of 200 people a month ceased operations. FSB looking "mole" in the FMS. The idea of ​​citizenship of the Russian Federation through the sale of Crimea remained unrealized.

Investigation Service of Federal Security Service in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region is investigating a criminal case on illegal migration. Nevsky court arrested the 44-year-old Azer Mammadov, 55-year-old Ilgar Guliyev and 45-year-old Elchin Shukurov. They are natives of Azerbaijan, the two managed to obtain Russian citizenship. They enjoy, say, weight in the Diaspora. FSB believes that the defendants illegally supplying foreign workers to their fellow countrymen.

According to "Fontanka", the underground labor market worked in St. Petersburg about ten years. Extras were migrants from the Asian republics of the former USSR. Having stayed in the city without a job more than 90 days, they will automatically become illegal immigrants and candidates for removal. They offered an alternative to the hotel and gave the address in the Nevsky district, adjacent to the Neva textiles and squares Tekstilchshiki.

In a small three-storey hotel in Wellltogo brick migrants recorded. Even if they wanted to, he could not physically accommodate all who received the documents with an address stamp. Account foreigners, according to the publication, in the hundreds.

Imaginary check in "rubber" hotel and bogus work permit migrant treated at 8000 rubles. Hunters avoid deportation for this small amount was much, about 200 per month. According to witnesses, even during operational investigative activities of the FSB in the hotel foreigners came. Instead of welcoming aware manageress with Lithuanian roots were greeted by no less knowledgeable of special forces soldiers.

Printing and copying equipment for the production of migration documents seized by the KGB Shukurova place of residence. He is a citizen of Azerbaijan, the residence permit issued to him in the FMS in November of 2013, although his biography of St. Petersburg begins at least since the early 2000s. In 2001 and 2002, Shukurov attracted to administrative responsibility for violation of residence rules. If searches of state institutions have also found the print in large numbers, migration forms,asporta foreigners.

The scheme is said to have worked under the order. Seized accounting suggests that foreigners are at the disposal of businessmen, natives of Azerbaijan, controlling businesses catering. Logically, there may be operational measures in respect of them, as employers, too, bear responsibility for bringing illegal immigrants to work.

We visited the KGB and in the cafe "Old Friends" on the street Shotman Nevsky district. The defendants are often seen there together.

Due to the arrest of Mamedov and Guliyev Shukurova "stuck" design dozen workers. Their passports, first cast employers, and then transferred for employment, are now investigating the offices at the Foundry.

"It is unlikely that they will go to the FSB with the recognition of payment clearly illegal registration and request to return the documents, but rather expressed their loss," - suggested interlocutor in FMS.

According to the Migration Service, it is likely, the investigation also hit. According to "Fontanka", hotel guests with the documents printed on seized equipment, miraculouslym fall into the framework of registration of foreign workers. FSB, maybe a miracle will not believe, but rather to suggest that the state of the Federal Migration Service in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region there is an employee or employees who have made illegal in the database. In any case, a different version of why the authentication of a work permit through an online service FMS names, number and a series of pop-up data on the "clients" of arrested defendants, yet.

Business for the supply of illegal immigrants brought to the St. Petersburg public catering is not space, but - money. Turnover could at least be 1.5 million rubles per month. However, according to some, the idea was not realized more daring. Allegedly, the prisoners were planning to trade Russian citizenship through government units in the Crimea. According to rumors, the foreigner could come in the new republic, and by paying 300 thousand rubles, receive Ukrainian documents. Then - to convert them into the Russian citizenship by the simplified scheme.

The FSB in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region call the correspondent of "Fontanka" met cool. Sparingly confirmed a series of searchesand this week instituted a criminal case and the presentation of Mammadov and Guliyev charges Shukurov. On the issue of Crimea typically responded: "No comment."