Bailiffs returned to Almazny Mir

The privatization of the asset can be disrupted again.
Around the privatization of state-owned shares of JSC "Diamond World" inflames new scandal. As the "Kommersant", the bailiffs demanded to cancel bids for 52.37% of the shares assigned to the Russian auction house (RAD) on February 25. This is the second attempt to block the sale of the asset, which is made on the premises, about 90% of export-import transactions with precious metals and stones. The RAD cancel bids are not going to, but privatization has a new opponent, trying to stop it through the FSB.

At the disposal of "b" it turned out to be the decision of the Tver district department of bailiffs UFSSP Moscow to resume the enforcement proceedings in respect of the EDA on 27 January. This decision is connected with the attempt to re-initiate the RAD bids for 52.37% of shares of "Diamond World", previously banned by the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region. On the same day the bailiff Alexei Novikov sent RAD demand to stop receiving applications and removal from the site information about the auction, scheduled for February 25th. However, as of yesterday evening, the information remains on the website with the status "of the auction. Byavlen "starting price - 740 million rubles, the amount of the deposit -. 148 million rubles, a step increase -. 5 million rubles.

The RAD bids are not going to cancel. As explained by "Kommersant" head of the information policy department of the company Alina Kuberskaya, judgment concerns the ban specific trades on December 30th. "It was done - no trade was conducted This decision does not mean a ban on the sale of shares." Diamond World ", and we can re-declare and carry trades" - sure Ms. Kuberskaya.

The conflict around the "Diamond World" broke out in late 2015, when pleased to announce the December 30 auction. One of the contenders - Irish Ovoca Gold asked Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev suspend privatization, considering the low estimate of 740 million rubles. (See. "B" of 11 December 2015). The reaction of the head of the Interior Ministry remained unknown, but the bids on December 30 were stopped by bailiffs under the security measures imposed by the Arbitration Court of Moscow region during the review did not directly relating to the asset RAD dispute.

Now that the privatization has found a new opponent. As onesource "Kommersant" in January of minority shareholder "Diamond World" Akroman Murzabekov appealed to the Federal Security Service Director Alexander Bortnikov demanding to check the facts of the withdrawal of the company's assets through TBSS Ltd. (customs broker, rent space at the "Diamond World"). According to the interlocutor, "Kommersant", TBSS considered the main contender for the "Diamond World". "Anyone who buys an asset, get the entire infrastructure, including access to the customs clearance of cargoes at spetspostu with precious metals and stones (through it passes about 90% of export-import transactions of such gruzam.-" b ")," - said the source . Founded in 1994 TBSS Ltd., according to the register, 86.5% controlled Hiryakov Sergey, Deputy Director General of "Diamond World".

Until now it was thought that the "Diamond World" get ALROSA, which it already owns 47.4% of shares. In 2014, the company wanted to sell the package as non-core, but last summer it was decided to move to this area United Selling Organization, a branch of the diamond sorting and valuation. Yesterday ALROSA "Kommersant" stated refusal to participate in the auction. "We rasschityvaem that the investor will be up to the auction, which will develop this asset, "- the" b "in the company.

According to Sergey Karabaev of the board "Karabaev and partners", the enforcement proceedings in respect of RAD can last quite a long time - as long as it will not be challenged by some of the interested parties. Another option to resolve the situation, adds the lawyer - to replace the auctioneer.