Baltinvestbank put non-core assets on sale

It expects to get about 3 billion rubles for them.
Among the non-core assets BaltinvestBank - 20 hectares in Murino, who went to the bank by the developer, told predpravleniya BaltinvestBank and former deputy chairman of the "Absolut Bank" Konstantin Yakovlev. The name of the developer, he did not disclose. According to Yakovlev, the bank is looking for a way to sell or develop the area, which is estimated at 1-1.5 billion rubles. Also, the bank has two buildings on Stone Island area of ​​about 1000 square meters. m each, which were built in the early 2000s. and require reconstruction, the bank assesses them for 1 billion rubles and 700 million rubles, said Yakovlev. All of these assets were obtained by the bank for repayment of loans in 2013, adds a representative BaltinvestBank.

 It is a land that is adjacent to the residential complex "Nature", "O2 development", it has always been in the ownership structures of the bank, the government area known about plans to sell a portion of the sanatorium knows Representative Deputy Prime Leningrad Mikhail Moskvin. According to him, the developer of "Romance", which is included in the "O2 Development", only rented the land from the bank's structures and managed to start construction only two queues, permission to build the third, fourth and fifth bursts were withdrawn in autumn 2015

The rental agreement is ended, so the site is now free, but under current regulations in the area where you can build a 1 ha no more than 9000 square meters. m at altitude no higher than 12 floors with dominants is not higher than 16 floors, the representative said Moskvin. In addition, the new owner of the site will have to build the entire social infrastructure, not only for themselves but also for the two queues "O2 development," he says. But on the whole this area have a valid contract for the sewage system, water supply and sanitation with the UK "Murino" he adds. Such restrictions deter the majority of developers, in addition to those who need to improve relations with the regional administration, said one of the real estate consultants.

Projects on Stone Island (1st Birch Alley, 24, and Embankment. Malaya Neva, 35a) are related to the former shareholders of the bank, said the general director of Knight Frank St. Petersburg Nikolai Pashkov. According to him, both projects were built long ago and is now outdated both physically and morally, so sell them for the same amount, which he calls the bank will not be easy. Agency PrimeEstate on one of the sites offers cyan building on 1st avenue Birch, 24 for 1 billion rubles for office, catering or apartment building on the embankment. Malaya Neva, 35a - 500 million rubles for an apartment or office. the agency was unable to contact a representative.

At the end of 2015 the sanatorium was chosen BaltinvestBank "Absolut Bank", which received a loan for these purposes by the DIA in the amount of 32 billion rubles for 10 years. In July, Konstantin Yakovlev said that customers associated with the former shareholders of the bank, the bank received about 15 billion rubles in loans.