"Banana drug cartel" condemned humanely

The Kirov District Court of St. Petersburg issued a verdict on the case of "banana cartel".
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Two citizens of Serbia were found guilty of smuggling cocaine from Ecuador to the Russian Federation. Despite this, they received the minimum time - even less than their accomplices, cooperated with the investigation.

As reported by "Rosbalt" in the Kirov District Court, citizens of Serbia Bogdan Ostoyna and Nikola Ćorić, who were charged under Criminal Code articles 188 and 228.1 (smuggling of drugs on a large scale), was sentenced to four years in prison each in a strict regime colony. According to the agency, the servants of Themis have taken into account a lot of extenuating circumstances, because of what the sentence was more than human. Typically for such crimes give terms from 15 years and above. The prosecutor's office appealed the decision to the City Court of St. Petersburg.

According to the Russian law enforcement agencies, and Ostoyna Ćorić were among the handy Savkicha Ivan - leader of the "banana cartel". It has long been settled in Ecuador, where friends with local and Colombian drug lords. Then the Serb decided to organize a syndicate, which will be engaged in the supply of cocaine pageAna of the former Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Germany, Spain and Russia. As the assistants took Savkich compatriots Bogdan Ostoyna and Nikola Ćorić. The latter two repeatedly visited Russia, where and establish channels smuggle drugs.

Initially, the cocaine was loaded into a batch of bananas in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil. Then the cargo was in the port city of Puerto Bolivar. There's drug cartels participants agreed with the members of the crews of ships, which were to carry bananas, that they posodeystvuyut to smuggle cocaine.

The sailors task was to remove the drugs from the lot of fruit on the way to the port of St. Petersburg. Then, packets of cocaine, along with special "beacons" were thrown into the water, where they were taken accomplices. There are other ways of smuggled drugs. Sometimes syndicate members with forged documents authorizing held at the court and smuggle cocaine to bypass customs. In other cases, the sailors themselves secretly transported the goods from the ship to the city and passed Ostoynu and Ćorić.

November 21, 2011 Baltic Customs officers found in a hiding place on the vessel Autumn WindThat just came from Ecuador, 4.5 kg of cocaine worth $ 1.5 million. It was found that the drug was removed from the batch of bananas and hid the crew members, citizens of Ukraine Oleg Mankiewicz and Valery Kortunov. They immediately agreed to cooperate with the investigation and called the names of the recipients of cocaine. This promptly detained and Ostoyna Ćorić.

The investigation of the case involved officials of the Investigation Department of the Interior Ministry, which found that the organizer of the channel was Ivan Savkich by smuggle drugs. He was declared the international wanted list through Interpol. Later it was found that Savkich forged documents residing in the Ecuadorian city of Salinas, but for a long time it was not possible to detain Serbs.

In December 2012, he arrived in Guayaquil, where he bought a plane ticket to Quito. This fact is documented Ecuadorian police, and detained him immediately upon arrival in the capital of the state. In early 2014, the National Court of Ecuador decided to extradite Russian citizen Ivan Savkicha Serbia. His lawyers are trying to appeal the decision, so the emergence of a Serb in Russia is Offdyval.

In December 2013 the Kirov court sentenced Mankiewicz and Kortunova. Given that the sailors have entered into plea bargaining, actively cooperated with the investigation and fully pleaded guilty, they received seven and six years in prison, respectively. Ostoynu Ćorić and that nothing in the investigation did not help, were among the leaders of the cartel, for some reason, was sentenced to nearly two times less than the sailors.