Bank of Russia rebuked Binbank

In the opinion of Vasily Pozdyshev, the deputy head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the bank's administration simply "misjudged the risks".
Today, after the decision on the reorganization of Binbank and the three lending institutions connected with it was announced, the Central Bank described how events developed before such a decision was made. The owners of the group, like the owners of the recently transferred under the management of the Central Bank of Bank Otkrytie FC, failed to adequately assess the risks they assumed and failed to cope with a series of complicated transactions to consolidate and sanate other banks. A preliminary estimate of the hole in the balance sheet of the Binbank group is 250-350 billion rubles, the Central Bank believes, but the final amount will be specified after the results of the bank's survey of the temporary administration appointed by it today.

Vasily Pozdyshev, deputy chairman of the Central Bank, told journalists that the decision to save Binbank was made on the basis of the fact that the group has systemic significance based on the size of its assets - more than 1.5 trillion rubles. Commitments to customers of only Binbank (as the largest member of the group) - 960 billion rubles., He clarified. According to him, that the bank needs financial support measures, it became clear even in the autumn of last year. "For several months we negotiated with the owners," he said. "They proposed several plans for financial recovery, but none were supported by us. Their essence was to ensure that the Central Bank granted a concessional loan for a considerable amount for a period of ten years (as it was done in accordance with the standard scheme of reorganization. - "Kommersant"), and the owners during this time promised to solve all problems (we recall that the same option according to the Central Bank, Alexei Khotin offered to rescue the bank "Ugra", but Binbank, Mr. Pozdyshev specified, asked for more .- "Kommersant"). "
Now the Central Bank is negotiating with the owners that the industrial assets of shareholders free from encumbrance should be established on the balance of the banks transferred to the fund.

According to the law, the Central Bank can not demand this, but Mr. Pozdyshev clarified that the regulator expects a constructive dialogue with shareholders, especially since they themselves applied for help from the Central Bank. He refused to name these assets, specifying that now it turns out which of the assets are pledged and which ones are not.

According to the preliminary assessment of the Central Bank, the amount of reserves that need to be formed to cover bad debts is 250-350 billion rubles. "But an accurate assessment will give the temporary administration," added Vasili Pozdyshev. According to the Central Bank, the volume of loans related to the shareholders is significant, but almost all is formed on the balance sheet of the bank "Rost". As Pozdyshev specified, about 75% of Rosta's portfolio is loans to banks affiliated with the bank.